The Red Sox kicked off their a 7 game road trip with a 0-1 loss in Toronto on Labor Day. Josh Beckett left the game with two outs in the fourth inning after suffering a sprained right ankle.

Peter Abraham spoke with Toucher & Rich about Beckett’s injury, Erik Bedard’s knee injury and the approaching playoffs.

What’s the latest on news on Beckett’s injury?

“He’s heading back to Boston and he’s going to be at Mass General today to get checked out by a specialist and figure out to what degree he sprained his ankle,” Abraham said.

If it is a severe sprain could he be out for the first round of the playoffs?

“The problem is it’s his right foot and for a right handed pitcher that’s the foot that you’re pushing off of and you’re generating all your power and velocity and everything from that foot,” were Abraham’s thoughts.

They went on to discuss how the Red Sox and Yankees have the AL East all locked up with the rest of September to go. With the way this is going does the MLB need to rethink the way the playoffs are done?

The guys went on to discuss Jon Lester and his performance this year. Is this Lester’s worst year as a full time starter?

“It’s probably been his least consistent. He’s had some of the worst games of his career giving up a bunch of runs in a few games,” Abraham said of the starter.

They went on to discuss Erik Bedard’s knee injury. Was it a precautionary decision to sit him or is worse than we know? That and so much more with Peter Abraham.


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