BOSTON (CBS) – State officials are planning a full review of the electric companies’ response to the outages as a result of Tropical Storm Irene.

The investigation will focus on NStar and National Grid. Officials will look at how the utilities prepared for the storm and how they responded.

The state hopes to learn from the review and suggest improvements.

Irene knocked out power to more than 500,000 homes in Massachusetts. Some people just got their power back this past weekend after a week in the dark.

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  1. emom says:

    I wonder how often the lines are ever inspected,, I travel areas that have old wires.. I hardly ever see a national grid, nstar or even a cable company working on the wires, the only time you actually see one is when someone is turning their power on , adding a new cable line or if the transformer has esxploded,,, YEAH I know since my mom has had it happen tgwice in 25 years and the last one was this year,,, Plus we have hear from all the utility companys in regards to the wires that they are old,,, The phone company has stated that the wires in my moms area should be replaced,,, WELL WHEN DO THEY PRAY TELL EXPECT TO REPLACE THEM….. Now since the storm I have to say , I didnt see trucks lining up on the road working on wires,,,, some simply park look up and then move on… have to wonder why most of the wires are not maintained replaced and cared for I have seen so many trees over hanging poles transformers and wires, vines wrapped all over the wires, When you hear buzzing on your phone, chances are there is a bee or wasp nest in one of the covers not far down the road…. Mom has had that happen many times,, what a surprise to the poor workers,,, they have to come armed with a case of industrial strenght raid….. now if you hear echoing,, there is now water in covering… something if you simply place a drain in wont happen… gee again why are these things not repaired …. we only have them come out if there is a problem… the biggest excuse,, YEAH EXCUSE We have got straight from the workers of the utility companys COST…. well if they didnt charge so darn much or paid the higher ups so much then maybe they could afford to FIX OLD WIRES…… thats where they need to FIX their expenses,,,,,, greedy companies once again hurting consumers…

  2. chilitokid says:

    While the State is at it why don’t they take a look at how convicted felons get access to handguns? Why doe McGruff ‘the crime dog’ Coakley threaten to arrest convenience store owners for charging $2 more for a case of bottled water while the ticket resellers get away with overcharging hundreds of dollars? And I won’t even get into how sports fans get raped for food and drinks.
    The people of Mass need to understand a very very simple fact…..during an extremely bad storm like a blizzard or hurricane utility companies rely on the help of other utility companies. In this instance every utility company had their own problems to deal with , that’s why Federal $$$ will soon be pouring in, and they couldn’t help each other out. Unfortunately utility workers do need to get some sleep so cut them some slack as they just put in a ton of hours. And no I don’t work for them either and IMHO they did one heck of a job. Maybe what the State should look into is the utility companies can’t even touch a telephone pole owned by Verizon because of the red tape involved that the State is responsible for in the 1st place!!

  3. Frank Davis says:

    WAAWAAWAA!!! Ever since Irene blew through here all I’ve heard is how many are without for for a day or tow or slightly more. You were without power for a week the most!!! During the summer!!!! When it was warm!!!! Too hot for you? Open a freaking window? Can’t get on the internet? Novel idea call them or better yet go over and see them in person! People! You made it sound like you were so inconvenienced. What would you have done if there was an ice storm that made the road impassable in areas and took out power lines during the dead of winter? No power not for days but weeks in areas!! And also NO HEAT!!!!!!!! You try sleeping in a lot of clothes to stay warm. Even the shelters were cold!!!!
    Real funny thing was during & after the clean up we heard in our area (Fitchburg/Leominster) that they were going to investigate Unitil about their response to the storm. We saw the same thing that emom described with the trucks & such. But other companies came in right away and help after Unitil sat on their butts for the first week. And even funnier – Unitil is still providing power to the area after all the “threats” from pols to get rid of them. So all you that have NGrid & NStar who think they going to hurt by Irene – think again. All they’ll get is “Don’t do it again” lecture and sent on their way.

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