By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV's New Hampshire Bureau Chief

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – A paramedic has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault for allegedly fondling a patient in the back of an ambulance.

David Powers, 32, of Manchester works for American Medical Response, an ambulance company that has a contract with the city of Manchester.

He was called to the Walmart at 300 Keller Street to assist a woman having a medical episode.

That woman, a 19-year-old from Center Barnstead, NH, told hospital staff that Powers assaulted her on the way to the hospital. Powers and the alleged victim were the only people in the back of the ambulance at the time.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

Officials say results of the sexual assault examination and the information they obtained were enough to warrant charges.

A general manager for AMR says Powers has been placed on leave while the investigation continues.

Powers was arrested and released on $1000 bail. He will be arraigned in court on September 15th.

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  1. njuguna muigai says:

    Is it true this paramedic did this? What is the point of background check and drug screening? I know this guy went through this process and perhaps he has an award for good perfomance.Let americans learn to trust God since human being fail or will disappoint you

  2. Joe says:

    Something isn’t right here. I wish these stories would elaborate, as much as possible, on the nature of the “sexual assault”. It is such a vague term that could mean anything from grouping a cheap feel to rape. I’m in no way sticking up for this guy. I ask because I find it preposterous and insane that this piece of garbage was released on a $1,000 bail. How can a sexual assault suspect get released on such a low bail? That’s why something doesn’t seem right.

  3. Lisa Valente says:

    Lets not forget that a sexual assault exam was performed at the hospital. Such an exam includes collection of DNA samples by swabbing the patient. So, based on the interview and the evidence collection, charges can be filed. The news is not going o reveal the intimate details of the assault.

    1. Joe says:

      Good point. I’m not questioning if a sexual assault took place. They wouldn’t make the arrest if their wasn’t any evidence or solid accusations . My question is why the low bail? Heck, the only time in my life I’ve been arrested was 15 years ago at mardi gras.

      Nature was quickly calling and I found the most secluded spot I could down an alley. well, I wasn’t the only one with this bright idea and the cops were waiting and hauling everyone away. My point is I had to pay $600 to get out. How can a sexual assault suspects bail only be $400 more than a stupid drunk 21 year old peeing on a tree in a secluded area at mardi gras?

      1. Lisa Valente says:

        It is a rather low amount…I agree. Hopefully, more details will come out.

  4. roneida says:

    Has this man been proven guilty in a court of law or just on the internet?

    1. Lisa Valente says:

      As far as anyone knows, he has only been charged. Guess we will all just have to wait and see.

  5. Ericka says:

    I agree with Joe, there isn’t enough information given. What was the nature of the call? What exactly were the findings of the exam? What supposably happened, because fondling can mean various different things (and some of the exams that are performed during a basic physical exam can be a little uncomfortable). What is the credibility of the victim ie: what kind of mental state was she in? Those are pertinent questions. On the other hand, I feel his partner should be charged as an accomplice if anything comes of this. As an EMT myself, I know that when I am driving I keep an eye on whats going on in the back, you have to. It disgusts me to think that someone who is supposed to be a professional in the medical field would do something that would even get him accused of a sex crime. I mean EMS is pulled through the mud enough without people like this making our providers seem dishonorable.

  6. Zach Keeter says:

    I can tell you from my 8 years experience as a paramedic in a variety of EMS systems (urban, suburban, rural, 911, transfer) that they may do a background check, but they need to do psychological screening (MMPI or something similar) for EMS personnel too. I worked with some people I wouldn’t want grooming my dog.

  7. evefromeden says:

    This is so gross. If I were a young woman Id think twice about having a man tend to me while in a vulnerable situation. Thats how most men are today. Sick. Pathetic. Id give him 30 years no parole. Who knows how many h’;s raped.

    1. Jeb says:

      “Sick. Pathetic. Thats how most men are today” What happened to make you so bitter against men??? Did you have a bad divorce? Did some man dump you for another woman? You just woke up and decided that “all men are sick and pathetic? Please get thee to a nunnery.

    2. Altgod says:

      It’s frightening to think there are women out there who think like this… and BoBo, comments like that are probably why a lot of women feel this way. Have some CLASS people!

  8. BoBo says:

    I agree with Jeb. Evefromeden what the F? If you hate men so much go and get yourself a girlfriend and settle down for fuzzy bumping.

  9. Rob says:

    Evefromeden, you have a pretty distorted mind to make such assumptions. You’re an absolute fool for suggesting he was a rapist! Do you know what presumptive innocence is? I’m sure you don’t…because most legislature was created by men – and all men are evil…is that about right?

    $100 bucks says she called 911 for difficulty breathing – from a WalMart, no less, and this medic was palpating her chest and listening to lung sounds. That’s completely normal. Another $100 bucks says she knew she couldn’t afford the ambulance bill – or the ER bill – and came up with the story. She wouldn’t be the first – and won’t be the last. I hope this paramedic gets a good lawyer, is found not-guilty – and sues her for ever last food stamp she’s got.

    1. Cait says:

      If only you knew how true that was…..she has a history of lying and falsely accusing.

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