Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli said center Marc Savard won’t play this season and that it is “very unlikely” he will play again, according to the Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa.

Hardy & Trupiano, who were filling in for Toucher & Rich, spoke with Joe Haggerty about Savard’s condition, Sidney Crosby and Tyler Seguin’s future.

According to the reports Marc Savard’s condition remains unchanged and the comments made by Chiarelli just confirms what everyone was thinking. What has Haggerty heard about what the future holds for Savard?

“What’s basically going to happen is he’ll come down, he’ll take his physical at the beginning of training camp, he’ll fail the physical, they’ll deem him unable to play and he’ll basically go on the injured list and be on there for the entire year. Once that happens he comes off the salary cap and that gives them another $4 million to play with and he gets another year to kind of recover and see if things get any better,” Haggerty told the crew.

Everyone agrees that Savard’s situation is unfortunate and sad, but the team proved last season that they were able to win the Stanley Cup without him. How much does his absence on the ice affect the Bruins?

“Let’s face it it’s going to affect them on the power play as it did last year. I don’t expect their power play to be great this year again, unless they find some way to replace his skill somewhere along the ice on that power play unit,” were Haggerty’s thoughts on the matter.

The guys went on to talked about the possibility of Tyler Seguin seeing some power play time and what he has been up to during the offseason to improve his game.


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