BOSTON (AP) — Health care officials say a decision by the state to cut by more than half the number of free flu vaccines it distributes for adults may put the health of high-risk patients in jeopardy.

The cuts, prompted by budget constraints, mean the loss of thousands of doses that have been given in past years people who face higher risks. Doctors say the reductions could make it harder for the uninsured and people who have relied on community flu clinics to get vaccinated.

State officials say the reduced number of vaccines available is offset because a record number of Massachusetts residents have health insurance that will cover the costs.

The Boston Globe reports that the number of free vaccines has been reduced from more than 350,000 last year to 140,000 this year.

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Comments (2)
  1. Joey says:

    Ya figures. We, the taxpayer and LEGAL CITIZENS, will probably have to pay. Bet ya that illegals won’t pay.

  2. Paul W says:

    Ummm….didn’t MA just have a $400mil surplus in FY ’11?

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