LEXINGTON (CBS) – A Jeep hit a utility pole and fire hydrant Tuesday morning in Lexington and eventually fell into a sinkhole.

After the vehicle hit the hydrant on Lowell Road, water burst out, softening and eventually compromising the ground. The Jeep then slipped into the hole.

Crews shut down Lowell Road between Wheeler and Whipple Streets as they worked to pump water out of the hole.

The 35-year-old driver, who was cited, was spotted walking around after the crash. He was transported to Lahey Clinic with minor injuries.

Comments (2)
  1. jaygee says:

    First, let me apologize because I would have bet $100 that the driver was
    a woman who had been on her cellphone when the accident took place but it turned out to be a moronic male who was texting when he hit the pole and then
    the fire hydrant. I know, I know…I’m being far too generous for simply calling him a moron because the word does not truly describe this “35 year old”.

  2. EB says:

    The Moment that Cell Phone Either Rings or Vibrates Depending on which you have it on, the first thing the typical driver does is reach down to grab it and see whether it is a text or a call, that split second, takes the drivers focus off of the road and shifts it to their cellular phone. Distracted Driver. Now the common sense part comes in, if it is a text message simply pull over if possible, dont continue driving and trying to concentrate on two things at once, which this driver apparently did decide to do, thus causing the accident, point of my comment, DONT TEXT AND DRIVE.

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