MERRIMACK, N.H. (AP) – Merrimack police say an investigation into the death of an 8-month-old infant inside a home has confirmed that the boy drowned in a bathtub.
Police say in a statement released Friday evening that an autopsy has confirmed the drowning.
They say the infant’s 2-year-old brother and mother were in the Wilson Hill Road home at the time of the incident Thursday.
The child’s mother was attempting to resuscitate the baby when officers arrived at the scene. Emergency personnel also tried to resuscitate the child.
The boy was taken to Southern New Hampshire Regional Medical Center and subsequently pronounced dead.
Police said Friday that investigators are still reviewing circumstances surrounding the incident.
The child’s name and that of his mother were being withheld Friday evening.

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Comments (7)
  1. Cinque says:

    This is something that happens all too often when it simply shouldn’t. How difficult is it to remove a baby from a bathtub if you have to leave the room? The guilt will remain forever and DYS will be knocking very soon.

  2. Judy Blackington says:

    when this infant was born the hospital would not release him to the mother, because the infant was born with crack in his system. When the infant was better they gave the infant to the mother. that is the 2nd person that has died with her. maybe this time she will be in jail where she belongs

  3. Tina Blackington says:

    Funny….This woman only lost 1 of her 3 children due to Crack….whats wrong with the system failing children? This woman is a druggie and a killer and if her 2 year old wasn’t paying the bills, he would be dead too! She is clearly unstable and the system failed this 8 month old baby! Maybe now my 2 year old nephew has a chance to have a real life if he gets taken from her!

  4. anonymous says:

    i cant believe what i saw at that wake and funeral she looked and acted like the devil, dressed in a skin tight white dress. And the things that she was saying i cant even go there i was sick to my stomach. Her and her crocodile tears. I hope she goes to jail because i think there was more to it.

  5. fred smith says:

    i hope the mother was drug tested at the time of this tradgedy

  6. totally disgusited says:

    i DO HAVE TO AGREE WHAT A VERY SAD SITUATION i donot know what kind of mother would ever leave a 8 month old baby in the tub with a 2 year old. i attened the wake and it was horrible again i do not know what kind of mother would have a open casket i didn’t even know the baby and i left in horror she never shed a tear!!!!! i felt like i was in the twylight zone with the horrible things i seen happening at the wake i have to say if i had a mother like that i know i would be better off without her. i do not know how a sober man could end up with someone as sick as her. goes to show for addicts that is all that matters there is programs out there for people like that so family does not have to suffer

  7. Shocked2011 says:

    Glad this loser is finally in jail, hopefully she will stay there!
    Someone like her should be forced to have tubes tied so no more children will suffer at her hands.
    Rest in Peace precious baby boy. Anyone who knows her and her past should be sure to go to court and hopefully be heard.
    Maybe someone will drown her in jail, ahe is a rotten person.
    I am sick of hearing it was an accident because that is BS

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