MILFORD (CBS) – Police say a drunk, unlicensed driver hit a motorcyclist and dragged him about a quarter of a mile to his death over the weekend.

Nicolas Guaman was driving through downtown Milford Saturday night with his 6-year-old son in a pickup truck when police say he struck 23-year-year-old Matthew Denice, who was on his motorcycle.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

Witnesses said Denice screamed as he was dragged down the street.

milford memorial Police: Drunk Driver Dragged Motorcyclist Quarter Mile To His Death

Flowers left as a memorial to Denice Monday off West St. (Photo by Doug Cope)

Guaman crashed and ran away.

He was caught a short time later and arrested.

Guaman, a resident of Ecuador, now faces several charges including vehicular homicide, drunk driving, and driving without a license.   Authorities say he is in the country illegally and may also face deportation.

He was arraigned Monday in Milford District Court and ordered held on $100,000 bail.

Denice graduated from Framingham State University in May and had just started a new job last week.

His family said he was on his way home after helping a friend fix a car.

“Matthew was a very special young man,” his brother Michael said Monday.

“His life was cut way too short.  We love him.  We’re seeking justice for Matthew.”

“We have two major issues here,” Denice’s mother Maureen Maloney told reporters.

“The drinking and driving and illegals driving without a license.  I’m not against people coming to this country, it’s a wonderful country, but do it the right way and abide by the laws once you’re here.”

Comments (50)
  1. Paul says:

    Thank goodness that this didn’t happen in Boston….Menino would consider this a minor infraction by atemporarily displaced non citizen…and give him the keys to the city.

    1. Ed Dracut says:

      Good thing.

  2. Vera Carroll says:

    Toss is sorry @SS out of this country NOW

    1. Lori says:

      Not yet! Let him do Jail time first and THEN send his sorry @55 to his country.

      1. Bruce says:

        good point Lori……let him do his time then toss his a** back to Ecador…but let us not forget his anchor child. good way to solve that too; do away with this automatic acitizen thing; if the parents are illegal; so aren’t their kids. Oh is this a serious enough crime for deportation Deval and Menino????

  3. KF4766 says:

    No Child Endangerment charge!!!!?

  4. Willow says:

    How tragic for the young man dragged by this drunk driver. Until they stiffen the penalty for drunk driving, this will continue to happen. It doesn’t matter whether a person has a license or not, there will be those who will continue to drink and drive because the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Come on lawmakers. What if it was your son dragged to his death!! I’m so sorry for the family who has lost this young man.

    1. Steve says:


      The guy was driving drunk, without a license, and is an illegal immigrant. The guy broke at least three different laws to put himself in that situation, and you honestly think a harsher drunk driving law would have prevented this?

  5. fred says:

    If there is any record of this illegal being stopped by police prior to this accident and he was not turned over to ICE then the police and Governor Patrick are also responsible for the poor mans death. Once this family goes through this awful process of burying their loved one I hope they pursue this to find out how this illegal was able to remain in this country and hold those responsible for it – not for monetary gain put to perhaps save the lives of future potential victims of this outrageous policy of allowing illegal immigrants to break the law without penalties.

    1. illegalhater says:

      nope gov patrick and just like obama, give away free welfare to all these illegals just like obamas aunt who lives in a 200,000 dollar condo on tax payers dime. all these politicans love illegals proven fact

      1. sick of f*****g illegals says:

        Oh please, Bush and his buddy Fox opened the flood gates for illegals long before Obama came into office.

  6. NikW says:

    This is horrible. And people say these illegal immigrants are safe. He will be deported with his son while this family needs to mourn. He needs to be charged and in federal prison!

    1. WBMike says:

      I don’t want my taxes to pay for this piece of trash. Deport him immediately and anyone associated with him who is illegal needs to go immediately as well!

      1. plainsman says:

        What, so he can come back to America.That’s what he’ll do,easily.

    2. adarc says:

      Actually if his child is an American citizen, he probably won’t be deported. Gotta love those anchor babies.

      1. Lori says:

        They are getting away from that more and more. The illegal parent gets deported and they have the choice to take their anchor baby with them or to leave said anchor baby with a legal family member.

  7. Bevans says:

    Just another fine outstanding illegal that Obama wants to attract… He will now get 3 square meals a day, free cable tv and a taxpayer funded lawyer….good times…how does the Left like illegals now?

  8. emom says:

    Hey why saddle the mass tax payers with his court fees,,,, DRAG HIS SORRY RUMP BEHIND A TRUCK ,, Give him a taste of what he dished out,,, I bet in his country that is what they would do…. This guy needs deprtation, no license,,, is he illegal too, OH but wait,,,, diplomatic immunity,, someone in his country will plead his case , stating he didnt know the laws, rules or our justice system… and that he was here to potentially become a citizen and get a job… YET he bucks the system and well will get away with murder and walk and the victims continue to be victimized,,,, FREAKIN GOVERNMENT,,,

  9. Melissa says:

    This situation happened to my ex husband as well (only he wasn’t killed, only severely injured). The judge just gave the illegal immigrant a slap on the wrist….no jail time, no restitution, nothing. Since the unlicensed illegal immigrant had no insurance either, we had to pay for all of the medical bills out of pocket once we hit our limit on our own insurance. It was a nightmare.The system really needs to work for the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens…..

    1. WBMike says:

      Couldn’t you file a civil suit against the person (for his house, car, etc…) to get restitution? Just curious.

      I don’t get how someone can be identified as illegal, yet stay in this country and pay no taxes for the services that everyone else has to pay into. Not fair at all.

  10. bp says:

    Milford has become little Ecuador. My deepest sympathies to the family of the victim.

  11. John A says:

    When are people going to wake up and take a stand against illegals in this country. Oh there just here ltrying to make a better life for their family…..Tell that to the family that just lost a son because of the wilful criminal actions of this illegal. Drunk driving is a crime. No license another crime. Being here without bothering to sign the “guest book” another crime..Have you had enough folks? Are you willing to tell your legislators to take a stand and stop this nonsense?

  12. illegalimmghater says:

    until barrack is voted out of office and the devil herself janet napalitano is voted out, illegals will always be welcome in the us to kill, rape, kidnap and steal.

  13. Nick says:

    Is it possible for the family to sue the state or federal goverment for adding and abetting a criminal by just looking the other way and not enforcing the law?
    I can’t walk down the street with a beer in my hand but you can blatenly be illegally on U.S. soil and have no worries. Does this make sense to anyone? Well aside from the warped liberal mind.

    1. fred says:

      If an American citizen was stopped for drunk driving by Police and the officer decided to give that person a break and let them drive home and then that person were to cause an accident on their way home causing serious injury or death then that officer and police department could be held libel and forced to pay a wrongful death settlement. where are all of these lawyers that should be suing the departments and suing Governor Patrick for the death of this man. Apparently this illegal had been arrested prior to this incident with no reprecussions. The threat of a multi million dollar lawsuit might cause some juridctions to enforce the law. There are thousands of Americans who have been killed or injured at the hands of illegals and most have no recourse. This has got to stop – and i don’t want to hear any whinning from the open borders crowd – if they can’t come here legally then they should be arrested and deported just like they do in EVERY OTHER country on this planet.

  14. mj says:

    Does this state make it so comfortable for a an illegal alien that they can freely drive around with there six year old drunk? I would be hiding in the shadows if I were ilegally here.
    On the one hand government tell us to pay your taxes and follow the laws of the commonwealth..then it allows illegals suck off the system and we joe taxpayer don’t understand how hard these people have or if it wasn’t for them my table wouldn’t be bused or lawn mowed.. well i will tell you this is a very steep price to pay for a clean table and well manacured lawn rip….

  15. BOB says:

    This guy has been in trouble before and he’s still here. Amazing !

  16. BFM says:

    Our Gov. Patrick want’s to send the illagles to collage. He should be sending them to where they came from, What part of illagle doesn’t he understand

  17. BFM says:

    Who was this illagle working for? He should be charged as well. who’s truck was he driving? they should be charged as well. Lock them all up.

    1. Paul says:

      Hey BFM….do you own a dictionary?

  18. JohnC says:

    Willow, I wish it were so simple that making the penalty for drunk driving more harsh would solve the problem. It won’t. It is the certainty of punishment, not the severity of it, that deters crime. If every single person who got behind the wheel drunk knew for a fact that he/she would be caught and would spend 48 hours in the slammer; drunk driving would stop.

  19. Lane Borden says:

    This guy looks remarkably like the suspect in the North End attack.

  20. Ron says:

    We need to have a million voter march on the State House the next time the legislature is in session and don’t allow them out until they pass legislation that really punishes these drivers legal or otherwise. If we put them in jail they should have to pay for their own room and board either by fines or performing useful public works.

  21. ENUFF says:

    This is Massachusetts. The illegal will be given, probation, a house, in state tuition for his kid (of which the taxpayers will pay for) and free medical.

  22. Mark says:

    Maybe it is time to take matters into our own hands. We have gutless legislators & leaders who don’t want to alienate the immigrant population who provide the votes to reelect them. Our legal system is a mess. No help for the victims only for the criminals. It reeks!

  23. Francis says:

    I just submitted an opinion and once again it was “edited or not allowed”.Censorship at it’s worse.But,the leftist media only wants the politically correct messages; not ones that are “radical right wing”. Here’s hoping that the Socialist experiment (disguised as today’s Democratic Party) goes down in flames.Time for a 2nd Tea Party!

  24. Tom Kidneigh says:

    WOW post a negative comment about politicians and the media censors you way to go CBS where is your journalistic integrity? oh thats right you don’t want to hear from the people you just want them to follow blindly.

  25. HP says:

    Oh C’mon, this Illegal was just doing the work some spoiled American wouldn’t do.

  26. ralphbtc says:

    Why do we citizens have to pt up with this. A man is dead and a child will suffer. Does a drunk illegal really have the right to be here ?

  27. More of the Same says:

    This is the FIRST POS illegal that I DON’T want to deport. His butt needs to face some serious time. As biker this scares me to death, as an active duty military currently depolyed to protect my country makes me mad as hell. I can protect our freedoms but who is really protecting our country? It SHOULD be the government…they need to protect us from illegals. So this is a crime from any way you look at it. Anyone who kills a biker (or otherwise) while DUI should be locked up for a LONG time, anyone who is here illegally should be deported UNLESS they commit a crime, then lock them up for a long time, bill THEIR country, and THEN deport them!!!!

  28. David J. Irwin says:

    Why deport him? – he will just sneak back into the country – what we need is immigration reform – change the law where being in the country illegally is a capital offense and sentencing to be carried out immediately with no appeal – shoot this guy and he won’t be able to re-enter the country.

  29. David J. Irwin says:

    The hell with bail – if he post bail, he will be inb the wind never to be seen again – shoot him – case closed.

  30. Jeff says:

    Even here we have to watch for political correctness run amok. The opening line of this story, “Police say a drunk, unlicensed driver hit a motorcyclist and dragged him about a quarter of a mile to his death over the weekend.” Have they forgotten something which is integral to this story? What’s missing from their list of descriptors? Oh wait,here it is: ” Police say a drunk, unlicensed, ILLEGAL ALIEN driver…”. Thank you Governor Patrick, for tying the hands of law enforcement in this state. I’m sure the Denice family is glad you’ve been so kind to illegals here in the Commonwealth. What a disgrace. Deepest sympathies go to the family, and sheer sadness with the knowledge that this could have been avoided.

  31. maureen says:

    The town of Milford has been crying out for help with the illegal problem.This illegal already had a record with attacking police and fireman.His 6 year old son got out of the car and started kicking the police car.Somebody taught him that.No
    respect for our laws.Duval Patrick could not even remember the victoms name.
    Neither side will do anything about the immigration problem Obama,Bush it doesn’t matter they have their own agenda why they wsnt to keep the illegals in this country.

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