FRAMINGHAM (AP) — A man is in critical condition after being hit by a police cruiser on a Framingham street.

Police say officer James Wright was responding to a non-emergency call at about 12:50 a.m. on Saturday when the man

stumbled onto Waverly Street and Wright hit him.

Police told the MetroWest Daily News that the man, whom police did not identify, appeared to be intoxicated.

They say the man apparently struck the cruiser windshield before falling to the ground with a head injury. The man was flown to a local hospital.

Police told the paper they were unsure how fast officer Wright was going at the time of the accident.

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Comments (4)
  1. roadbowler says:


  2. emom says:

    Wait,, I wonder will the officer be charged with hitting a pedestrian,,, After all, it sure seems that every person , DRUNK or not, that gets hit , hurt or killed can sue the driver of the cars, SO whit that with that said UHHH HHMMMM……. JUST SAYING.. Maybe this is something the system should take into consideration the next time someone hits a pedestrian…. Was it the person driving the vehicle or was it the pedestrian being in the wrong place or being totally stupid….

  3. BobbyJ says:

    I always wondered if accidents while driving police crusiers affect the insurance policy and driving record of the officer driving. If I get into an accident in a company vehicle it affects my insurance and driving record.

  4. Ed Hall says:

    In Framingham it is legal for cops to kill civilians.

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