NATICK (CBS) – At the very least, you can say this is a woman who brings home the bacon.

In her case, bacon-wrapped shrimp, too.

Surveillance cameras at the Route 9 Stop and Shop in Natick captured a woman walking into the store. Inside, police say she filled up reusable shopping bags with tons of frozen meats and shrimp.

She stayed on her cell phone the entire time, and when she was ready, she just walked out the door to her waiting car.

The store manager thought the woman was suspicious, so he followed her. But she, wasn’t stopping for anybody. As the video shows, she starts to pull out of her spot, even as the manager is standing right in front of her car. She pushes him backwards at least twenty feet before he manages to move to the side as she speeds up and pulls out of the parking lot.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Watch: Store Surveillance Video

That manager wouldn’t go on-camera, but he tells WBZ the woman was arguing with him the whole time, saying she’d done nothing wrong.

naticksuspect Woman Drives Into Natick Store Manager After Robbery

This woman is suspected in the Natick robbery. (Surveillance photo from Natick Police)

The mystery robber is no stranger to that store. Security cameras caught her doing the exact same thing in the exact same place the day before. Natick police say her grand total for two days worth of stolen meat and fish was close to one thousand dollars.

Investigators are hoping someone recognizes her from the tape.

As for the manager, he tells WBZ he hurt his knees a bit, but is otherwise fine. We asked him if he’d do this all again, and he just smiled and said, ‘it depends.’


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