BOSTON (CBS) – Attorney General Martha Coakley said that her office does not intend to pursue further action against the local blogger that posted photos of Tom Brady’s naked son last week.

The controversy surrounds a posting on Barstool Sports last week featuring Tom Brady’s son Benjamin, who was pictured nude while with mom Gisele Bundchen. The post contained a few comments referring to the 2-year-old’s privates.

“We obviously had some calls about it, and the picture itself and the posting was certainly troubling and we believe inappropriate,” Coakley told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday.

Coakley, who said she spent much of her career prosecuting cases of child abuse and exploitation, said officials spoke to Portnoy and asked him to remove the controversial post from his website.

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“We wanted to do an investigation around the intentions he had here. It’s why we did ask him to take down that posting in the best interest of the child involved. He agreed to do that. We appreciate that. It was the right thing to do,” said Coakley.

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  1. sean says:

    Why hasn’t Brady gone after this clown for everything he is worth and put him out of business? I hope any advertisers on his website that also advertise at Gillette if there are any do the right thing and pull their ads from his website. Not prosecuting this guy is only going to make him think what he did was ok and he’s going to do it again if the chance presents itself.

    1. Stoolie says:

      We have rights in this country, and one of those rights is the freedom of speech. Poor taste is not against the law. Barstool was not responsible for taking the photo; they simply posted a picture that was already on the internet. No laws were broken by Portnoy, so that’s that. Tasteless as it may be, there’s nothing illegal here.

      1. Ed Dracut says:

        What is kiddy porn??? If someone publishes a book of nothing but naked children is that freedom of speech??? So if you are sent a picture of naked children and you pass it on to you friends that’s not distrubting child porn??? NAMBLA fells the same way about things like this. And they just shut down the “DREAM BOARD” that had people passing around naked pictures of children. Is that freedom of speeh as well????

  2. perplexed says:

    Why would a public figure like Brady let his toddler run around naked on a public beach like that? Theres no papparazzi following me but i still wouldnt let my 2 year old run around like that considering all the potential pervs out there.

    1. Marian G. Baker says:

      Somebody should have known better, maybe it was the Nanny. I dont think Brady or his Model Wife spend to much time with the kid,

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