BOSTON (CBS) – Q:  I can’t remember everything you say when you are on. And I definitely can’t write stuff down while I am driving. Help?

A:  Don’t even try to write anything down while you are driving. I would hate to be the cause of an accident. Online here at WBZ you can listen to the broadcasts and we have a transcript as well that you can easily access and it has all of the internet links we talk about.

And online there is a bonus. Often times I have so much to tell you that we can’t get it all on air and you will find more complete information online.

Q:  Do I need life insurance? I am single and will probably always be single!

A:  It depends!  Life insurance is used to replace your income stream if someone is depending on you for financial support. Could be your parents or someone else.

You can also use life insurance to help pay for things after your death like your funeral or estate taxes if you have a large estate and it consists of real estate.

Q:  I need cash and I do not want to sell in a down stock market. Any ideas? Loans?

A:  If you can use the losses on your stock to offset some gains this year then I would suggest selling. Also, this is a good time to slip in some unsolicited advice about always having an emergency fund available.

Depending on how much you need look around your home. What can you sell? Jewelry, clothing, old CDs and DVDs, big toys like boats or skis? Decide the best venue. Try a jewelry store for the gold. Yard sale gets rid of stuff immediately. Then try Craig’s list and if you have some time eBay.

If things are desperate; try asking a family member for a loan? Offer to sign a contract and make it legal.


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