BOSTON (AP) — A former Boston firefighter who participated in a bodybuilding contest after claiming he was permanently disabled has been found not guilty of fraud.

A federal jury acquitted Albert Arroyo on Monday, two weeks after he pleaded not guilty to mail fraud for what prosecutors say was an attempt to collect a tax-free accidental disability he was not entitled to receive.

Arroyo claimed he was disabled when he hurt his back in a fall at a Boston fire station in March 2008. He was seen two months later participating in a bodybuilding contest.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias got reaction from some Bostonians

Prosecutors said Arroyo didn’t disclose the activity on his disability pension application.

His attorney, Timothy Watkins, said that bodybuilding was good for Arroyo’s back injury.

Watkins said Monday they are “very grateful that the jury was able to thoughtfully consider all of the evidence.”

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Comments (15)
  1. Linda harrison says:

    What a joke on the tax payer that travesty is! Out on sickness disability and working out for body building. Which is either a hobby or a profession. How long has he been doing that and did he win prize money. I find it hard to swallow that most companies only make up the difference to your regular pay for ex: military service pay and jury duty pay. I am assuming of course that he won cash prizes.

  2. Linda harrison says:

    Someone needs to tell “the president that he is Washington, trying to make the senate and the congress the scape goat for his folly. Doesn’t have a clue hue to run this country. But sure knows how to take money away from American citizen and giving it to someone else. I sure won’t want to get shot at for the likes of him. Say got an extra two buck for their 401k, gee maybe they can buy their own uniforms and guns, cheaper made in china. Maybe it would be cheaper to hire mercenaries, citizens of other countries or do we do that already. Also two different pay for combats a nice touch. Can they refuse to fight if it’s not their pay grade or job description. What happened to this country??? What have the politicians been doing all these years? No stewards of the country or statesmen or patriots here. Put an ad in the paper for us will you or is it to late

    1. Matt says:


      I am not sure if I agree with you. Slow down and rethink this this post it after you have taken high school english again. Then maybe you can join the conversation. You are not making any sence.

      1. lawyer enne says:

        I find it humerous that you are able to correct Linda. Perhaps you should take an english class yourself! The correct spelling is “sense”.

  3. donny says:

    Linda, Hope you’re not drinking alone…

  4. rdubs says:

    Linda what in the hell are you talking about? If you are such a patriot then smile because the American system of justice has done its job. The man has been found not guilty so move along – but make sure he gets his backpay first. Body building can get expensive.

    1. john L says:

      I agree that people need to let it ago and justice was dealt. There must’ve been not enough evidence there to prove him guilty. I’ve sat in on juries. People aren’t idiots and they weigh the evidence.

      I’m also tired of the bs like “what a waste of taxpayers’ money.” Seriously, then I guess it’s a waste of my tax money that your moms and dads or grandmas and grandpas are using my tax money in the form of social security so they can rock in a chair…what lazy jokes….my tax money is being so misappropriated.

  5. Denise says:

    I’m sorry… but if he has the stamina to train for bodybuilding competitions then he should have returned to his “DESK JOB” at the firestation. This sets a presedence – now the story I remember seeing about a female police officer I think that trained for triathalons and was a life guard at a pool… should be allowed to do that and collect disability to. Why is it that they considered his ability to function at a highly competative activity to be beneficial to his disability ~ when sitting behind a desk to actually do a JOB would be detrimental?

  6. donny says:

    These prosecutors should LOSE THEIR JOBS for not getting this guy convicted.

    This is an absolute JOKE!

  7. blackbear1 says:

    The justice system has done its job?? Just move on!! Not enough evidence?! You people are crazy…… This guy is laughing, mocking,jeering our vanted juror system.

  8. BOB says:

    WOW !! We’re a country of idiots.

  9. reese says:

    I’m about as surprised by this verdict as I was by the Casey Anthony verdict – not. I had the enlightening experience of being summonsed for grand jury duty recently. I was shocked by the attitude of the people there. They WANTED to be selected – as though being impaneled gave them celebrity status. One guy actually waved to those of us still in the pool after he was selected – a big grin, and a big smile for the gallery as he took his place in the jury area. I could tell this guy had never been selected for anything, ever. It seemed that the whole process was not about justice or civic duty but rather about ego and celebrity. I left that day feeling scared and so uncertain about our system of justice. What a pack of idiots they seemed to load that jury down with. It is very unlikely that they would not indict any case brought before them. The lack of intelligence and poor education is taking its toll on our society. I was once told that there are more stupid people than smart people. I thought, at that time, that this comment was snobbish. I get it now – and I agree with it. The people who handed down the Arroyo verdict lost sight of the forest for the trees. They are simpletons who bought a tale that was not based on fact. This is an unfortunate trend in our sad litigation-happy culture of victims, entitlement, and rampant stupidity.

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