Posted by Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I’m curious. . .Where do all the Mass Turnpike tickets go when they are turned in?  Thank you, Carter – age 10

Well, Carter, we found that it’s a process.  At the end of the day toll booth workers turn tickets into the toll office.  Tickets are then grouped together and secured for 90 days.  After that, they’re tossed out.

Paying tolls is certainly a drag, and so are the backups that can happen at tollbooths.  Having a Fast Lane transponder helps with that, but you still have to slow down.  The Hampton tolls in NH have addressed that hassle with open road tolling…a nice, wide open area with all the electronic gizmos overhead so you can breeze on through doing the speed limit.

We don’t have any of those here in Massachusetts.  Equipment costs are the big factor.

Do you think they should go ahead with open road tolling here and hang the cost, or should they wait?

Comments (2)
  1. Italo says:

    “We don’t have any of those here in Massachusetts. Equipment costs are the big factor.” Yeah, and so are threatened-feeling unions.

  2. FastBill says:

    Are you saying that the DOT does not recycle these paper tickets after 90 days?

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