Posted by Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Your article on the bottle return made me wonder about the motor oil return policy. I was under the impression that anyone in the state that sells motor oil must also have a way of taking back the used oil. As a back yard mechanic I have purchased oil at walmart and they don’t seem to have a system in place to return the old used oil. –Roland, Plainville

All Massachusetts stores selling motor oil are required to take back up to 2 gallons a day per person.  But it must be in a proper container and you must have the receipt proving you bought it at that store.

We called 6 WalMart stores as if we were customers, and were told that all of them will take back used motor oil.  Sounds like Roland had a different experience at whatever store he visited.

Any store that refuses to take back the oil can be reported to the state Dept. of Environmental Protection.   Here is the Used Oil Hotline where you can make a complaint:   617-556-1022

How many of you still change your own oil and what do you do with it?


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