The guys were watching some videos of a guy freestyling on the computer after the show the other day and came up with a great idea. Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host will be able to serve it up in a rap battle? The guys picked the matchups for the first round and what day they’ll play the raps. You’ll be able to vote online for who you think did the better job.

Round 1 Matchups

Jon Wallach vs Rich – August 10th
Gresh vs Felger – August 11th
Fred vs Zolak – August 12th
Adolfo vs Mazz – August 15th
D.A. vs Jimmy Stewart (Felger & Mazz producer) August 16th

Comments (4)
  1. Jesse Perea says:

    Even though Rich sang more than rapped, his diss track towards John was so good that he deserved to win.

  2. Andrew says:

    D.A. sucks. I hope he gets embarrassed so badly he never goes into radio/TV again (seriously if anything, keep him away from Revs games, he’s HORRIBLE!)

    1. me says:

      D.A. is a beast! How dare you insult the mothership!

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