As Tuesday’s show continued into its third hour, Felger & Massarotti spent a segment taking calls and covering a wide variety of topics that ranged from Tim Tebow’s role as the back-up quarterback of the Denver Broncos, to the emergence of Taylor Price as a new potential threat at wide receiver for the Patriots.

The melange opened up with Tebow Talk on tap first, and Tony and Mike were quick to find that they stand in very different places when it comes to their opinions on Tim Tebow as a quarterback. While Tony feels that “the reality is different than the myth” and Tebow will never be successful in the NFL as many would like believe, Mike is in the opposing camp, and believes that Tebow will find a way to win, in spite of how much it might defy conventional football wisdom and frustrate many fans and players alike. Although it may be asinine to think that he deserves to be starting ahead of Kyle Orton at this point in time, is it reasonable to expect him to one day develop into a viable starter and continue with his winning ways of the past?

After moving on from Tim Tebow, and briefly revisiting to the “necessary evil” that is Albert Haynesworth, Felger and Mazz also touched on some of the question marks surrounding the Red Sox bullpen and the Pats WR position. With Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon’s contract expiring at the end of the season, who will be finishing games for the Sox come this time next year? Is it the right move to let Papelbon walk and get overpaid by someone else, or is it foolish to think that another pitcher, perhaps Daniel bard, would be able to handle the stressful situations that Pap has proven he can thrive in? Why give up steady success when there’s no guarantees on the alternative? After all, for all the criticism that Papelbon has garnered in his time in Boston, it remains difficult to argue with his historically efficient performance on the field.

Before coming to a close, the segment then turned in a different direction, and ended with a brief discussion on Taylor Price, an up-and-comer in the Pats receiving corp. Is this the year that he will break out, and take full advantage of his physical tools and natural skills, or will his inability to process and read defenses once again limit his ability to be successful? For answers to all these questions, and more, tune in now!


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