BOSTON (CBS) – Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco are officially at Patriots training camp.

Ian Rappoport of the Boston Herald spoke with Toucher & Rich Monday about how Haynesworth looked, what Ochocinco will give this team and Nate Solder.

“(Haynesworth) didn’t look as fat as I thought he would look, which is a pretty good thing for the Patriots. He participated in about 5 or 6 plays during practice yesterday. Killed the offensive lineman in front of him, pushed him back into the backfield or completely ruined the play, which is what you would expect from a guy with this talent,” Rappoport said.

The guys then talked about Ochocinco. He didn’t have a great season last year and some argue that it was a Carson Palmer issue and not Ochocinco.

The guys also talked about Patriots 17th overall draft pick this year, offensive tackle Nate Solder. Right now Solder is unsigned and hasn’t had any OTAs.  How far behind does this put him?

“I would say it puts as far behind as you could possibly be,” Rappoport said.


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