Police Investigating Rash Of Bike Rack Thefts In Salem, Beverly

SALEM (CBS) – Bicycle racks are used to keep your bikes secure. But they may not be so secure themselves.

Authorities told the Eagle-Tribune that they have seen increasing reports of empty bike racks being stolen in Salem and Beverly. Police reports show three bike rack robberies in Salem last week and another two in Beverly last Tuesday.

“It seems to be the new trend all of a sudden,” Salem police prosecutor Lt. Conrad Prosniewski told the paper. “We don’t know if it’s one person or many persons.”

A quick search on Amazon.com shows that bike racks plus accessories can cost up to $1,000.

The Eagle-Tribune also reports that police arrested 21-year-old Luis D. Suarez in Salem, charging him with one of the thefts. Detectives matched the serial number from a victim’s key to the number on a stolen bike rack.

  • Danny G

    “police arrested 21-year-old Luis D. Suarez in Salem”

    No shock here. Stealing bike racks Americans wont steal I suppose

  • Mo Money

    They stoled my pg leg beotch.

  • Patches Kennedy

    He should have stolen them in Boston, Mayor mubbles is ok with theft by illegals.

  • derekcrane

    And what is Mr. Suarez’s immigration status?

  • Michael McNeil

    Nothing better than a nice rack.

  • LOL

    >mexicans have as much use for bike racks as the do schoolbooks<
    And birth control
    And a drivers licence
    And vehicle insurance
    And the english language

    • obama is a joke


  • Addison

    It’s Massachusetts, not California, it’s most likely a Puerto Rican or a Dominican.

  • NooYawkah

    It was a mistake. Suarez was sent out to buy crack. You’ll think about it on the way home and you’ll LAAFFFFFFFF….

  • NooYawkah

    Well, being Bostonians, maybe not.
    Bike rack. Buy crack. Zenks, I’ll be here all zee week.

  • Bike Racks for Illegals

    I wonder how many burritos one can buy with a bike rack?

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  • Pesqueeb

    Geez, and here I thought Southerners were racists. Stay classy Boston!

    • bizutch

      look at the ads to the right –>
      it’s an out-of-work surgeon thanks to the never-ending stream of free-loaders

      wake up!!!

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