BOSTON (CBS) – In the wake of last weekend’s Saugus tanker rollover and fire, Boston Mayor Tom Menino is renewing his push to ban fuel trucks and tankers from city streets.

The mayor’s stance isn’t sitting well with some suburban communities along Route 128.

Fuel trucks are already banned from Big Dig tunnels. Now, Menino wants to put an end to the big rigs taking shortcuts through surface streets, unless they’re making a delivery.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

“All studies show that they’re dangerous to be on the roadways of our city. The companies will say, ‘Well, we have to deliver.’ It means that if you have a delivery in the city of Boston to a gas station or a company, you can make that delivery, but no passing through the streets of our city as shortcuts. That’s what we don’t want,” said Menino.

Menino said it would be safer to divert the tankers to Route 128, especially after what happened recently on Route 1, where a fuel truck rolled over, spilling fuel and causing a massive fire.

“How close it was to residential areas, and what could happen if they were 10-20 feet closer, houses could have been hit by the fire, and we would’ve had a loss of lives. They don’t belong on our streets. They should be on the highway, and that’s what we’re fighting for,” said Menino.

But, the 128 Business Council is against Menino’s idea, saying it will make congestion on Route 128 worse and put suburban residents who live along the corridor in danger.

The state is holding four public hearings on the matter in the coming weeks.

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  1. redneck joe says:

    if the fuel tanker is not allowed on boston streets; how are the gas stations in boston to receive the fuel that’s needed ?? not minding they have to go futher to deliver the gas that will make there desiel fuel go up, for traveling and the price of gas to us at almost $4.00 a gal. now////// the transporter will add a surcharge tax to cover there cost desiel fuel making our price to 4.50 or more ; sweet.

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