FOXBORO (CBS) – Now that high-profile wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is joining the New England Patriots will he get the number to match his name?

Check: NFL Free Agency Tracker

Second-year tight end Aaron Hernandez currently wears number 85 for the Pats.

The former Chad Johnson changed his last name to match his number in Cincinnati three years ago.

According to the celebrity web site TMZ, Ochocinco wants to buy 85 from Hernandez and that “no number is too high.”

There’s been no comment yet from Ochocino or Hernandez.

There was an update during the afternoon practice session Friday.

Comments (6)
  1. Matt Souza says:

    let Aaron Hernandez keep his jersey he has proved him self and does not need to he better get big $$$$$ for his jersey number. let the other guy choose another number .

  2. Simon Skarum says:

    Chad already got it, and I think Hernandez realized how much the number means to the guy. No matter if Hernandez got paid for it, I think he should be applauded for not making a big thing of this. Chad is happy, Hernandez probably doesn’t care that much and no drama ensues in New England.

  3. karen s says:

    don’t sell it aaron!!! don’t let mr celebrity attention grabber reality tv have your number. i don’t care a whit about his stats. “i want, i want.” this is new england chad, this is the new england patriots, and we stand for so much more than you are capable of wrapping your head around. humbly take whatever number you are given, shut up, and play TEAM football. you don’t get a 2nd chance to make a good first impression. stop your sniveling!

  4. Johnny Pesky says:

    Finally, a really deep and important question! I hope that no sane, or insane person,will lose any sleep over this idiotic query. It must have been thought up by one of those arm-chair “sports reporters” who never picked up a ball in his or her life.

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