WORCESTER (CBS) – Waving American flags, and wearing big smiles, military families reunited in Worcester.

144 members of the National Guard returned home Friday.

The troops are part of the 181st Infantry.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

They have been serving in Afghanistan for the past year, providing security for a base in Kabul.

“It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating it’s good to be home,” said one soldier.

More than 600 National Guard members will return to Massachusetts by next week.

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  1. karen s says:

    welcome home members of the 181st! you and your families are the best & the brightest. enjoy your reunions, job well done.

  2. Holly says:

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    1. Jon says:

      Even better, let’s just put an electronic chip in the chests of “legal” babies as they are born.

      Nevermind that in a free market labor and capital should be able to cross borders without restriction. Nevermind the impracticality of poor families to pay the necessary fees and meet the necessary regulations to gain legal citizenship. Nevermind that we waste billions of dollars to build fences and enforce immigration laws that do not make sense. Nevermind that this country is a nation of immigrants. Nevermind the typical American worker is continually getting older and more educated, and the pool of workers that do not require a high school diploma continues to shrink.

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