Former Red Sox pitcher and current MLB Network announcer John Smoltz spoke with Toucher & Rich about pitching coaches, slumps and John Lackey on the mound.

The guys discussed the fact that Smoltz got to work with two of the greatest pitching coaches in Leo Mazzone and Dave Duncan. Who does he feel was the best pitching coach that he worked with?

They also talked about the stories that he used to buy a ticket for one of his doctors for every game so they could sit behind home plate. Were these stories true?

“No, you know there’s a lot of things in sports that don’t get checked out that sound better than they actually are,” Smoltz responded.

They also discussed the 1991 season when Smoltz started 2-11 the closed out the season going 12-2. What does he credit to the turnaround?

John Lackey has been going through quite a slump this season. He has been very demonstrative on the mound at times and has even gotten visibly upset at plays made in the field. What did Smotlz think of Lackey struggling and his actions on the mound?


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