By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

LAWRENCE (CBS) – Teams of young football players in Lawrence could be facing their own lockout this fall season. The Junior Maulers say they were unexpectedly voted out of the Cape Ann Youth Football League after only one season last year.

They were one of two inner city teams playing mostly suburban towns. They claim they were told they didn’t fit.

“There is always a dark cloud over the people of Lawrence and the environment we’re in. When you look beyond that you see parents that care about their children,” said Ines Faucher, the Maulers president.

They still took to the field on a hot Thursday evening to practice, but it could be an exercise in futility.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

“What do we tell the kids. You can’t tell kids it’s not a fit, they don’t know what that means,” said coach Michael Caban.

The Maulers paid for a three year contract with the Cape Ann league and were refunded some of their money, though Faucher says they won’t cash the check until this is resolved.

They have received offers to join other leagues, but it’s too late for this year. Some players could leave the Maulers, altogether, and go to other leagues on their own.

“The team, it wasn’t a team it was a family,” said player Michael Caban.

Parent Kelly Savastano says her son won’t play for anyone else. The Maulers are hoping Cape Ann will change its mind so they don’t face their own lockout. Attempts to reach members of the board of the Cape Ann league were unsuccessful.

Comments (54)
  1. Matt Bailey says:

    People of Lawrence get used to it. You will be dumped on your whole life for where you live. You live in one of the worst cities in the state and you all allowed it to get this way. The world need ditch diggers too. And you guys are it. Enjoy.

    1. Nitza Dominguez says:

      Matt, both my nephews play for the team they are great players, great students and great kids and all of the other kids that strive to have a better life and make a difference. We wil continue to fight for a better future for our kids and WE ARE NOT GETTING USED TO NOTHING. Lawrence might be consider the worst city in the state, but I know I’m sad to say some people are worst.

    2. coachbill says:


  2. blackbear1 says:

    There must be more to this story. “Not a fit” couldn’t possibly be the real reason. Anyone who harbors such thoughts ought to have the common sense to keep them to themselves. Are there other reasons such as league by-laws, dues, violations, etc.??

    1. billjrmaulers says:

      the only one who violated by-laws was cape ann that why the president quit when the voted and it didnt pass so the removed a member from the vote so they could get the 2/3 they need now thats a violation of by-laws

      1. Flexxcruz says:

        Oh No Blackbear1 “NOT A FIT” could be a possible big problem. It’s not so much how the Cape Ann worded it out but more on how they handled this situation. I keep saying it there is no way you kick hundreds of great kids out of a so call league for no reason. I’ve been caoching youth football for over 15 years and the last time I checked if any team was to be a problem to any league due to conduct reasons then they would have to be giving a written warning but that never happened in this situation. They the Cape Ann League Board just made a obvious bad decsion in getting rid of these kids. People need to look at the over all picture & not nit pick of who did what wrong. These kids need to play football.

  3. Suzy says:

    Send an email to the League. I did even though I live in NH. The league is hiding something when they won’t even comment on it when they are contacted by WBZ.

    If enough people send them emails, maybe something will come of it.

    1. Flexxcruz says:

      I agree with you Suzy 100%. However, They will never comment back to WBZ because they don’t want to explain to the public as why they just flushed 250 kids season down the tiolet. People need to stand up and fight for all of these kids no matter where they come from or what skin color they are. We should all be united as one. These poor kids will suffer due to ignorance.

  4. Football101 says:

    This was not an issue with the city and people of Lawrence but instead an issue with the league. There were significant issues with the league not meeting it’s obligations on the football field. The Lawrence league officials have known about this for several months.

    1. Flexxcruz says:

      Well you better back it up Mr.Football with something becouse apparently you guys don’t have nothing and thats never good…Just saying.

      1. Football101 says:

        I’m not with the league and I don’t represent the league in any way, but last year Lawrence failed to field a team on several occasions, resulting in forfeits. There was also an second team that was not invited back this year for similar reasons.

      2. billjrmaulers says:

        not an issue becuase of injuries and the other lrague no such issues so state a fact if that was the case why was not either league written up as stated in thier by-laws.

    2. billjrmaulers says:

      there is not one issue on record with cape ann for the jr maulers or manchester

      1. billjrmaulers says:

        so what issues are there HUH?????????

      2. luis leon says:

        why do the 7th grader quit

  5. Flexxcruz says:

    To be honest with you Blackbear, I do agree with you that there is always two sides of every story however, This story is a no brainer you don’t throw away a 250 plus kids football season for any reason. If there was ever any issues betwwen the Cape Ann League and the Lawrence Jr. Maulers as a league. As far as I’m concerned just for the simple fact that this Cape Ann league flushed these kids season down the tiolet they are at wrong.

  6. Thomas Hood says:

    I wonder if it has to do with social class or ethnicity. It’s ugly whatever the cause.

    1. billjrmaulers says:

      we wonder that as well

  7. JG01843 says:

    It is true; there are two sides to every story. The Maulers have known or should have known about this ruling since March, but as usual the inept Board chose not to act expeditiously. It is their lack of organization and leadership that has caused this problem, both from issues that arose last season as well as this current issue, not the Cape Ann League. It is a shame that the kids will suffer however there is another football league in Lawrence that will welcome all players. The shutdown of the Lawrence Maulers is unfortunate but the kids still can play elsewhere.

    1. Football101 says:

      The Lawrence league officials have known about this since February.

      1. billjrmaulers says:

        we have not known since feburary

      2. Eric M Glew says:

        Wow it gets longer and longer every time it was not February or March you might want to do your homework before you start posting false information. Why don’t you call cape ann and ask what didn’t fit.

      3. Flexxcruz says:

        Do you represent all the Lawrence officials in this league??? or even speaking on the behalf of every Lawrence official ….. Come on Football101 GET REAL.. if I didn’t know any better I would think that you were one of the guys who voted these kids out of the Cape Ann League.

    2. billjrmaulers says:

      not all the kids we are a unlimited weight league fom flag to 8th grade the other is not that means some kids that are in grade4th and 5th would have to move up and play at a 7th or 8th grade level. As for you negative comments about our league they are unfounded and just plain untrue. We are know as the best league in lawrence for waht we do for our kis We have more players playing at the high school level then any other league period!!!!

    3. Flexxcruz says:

      There is another football league in Lawrence however, not many could play that another league due to weight retrictions…. Where do we send these bigger kids??? HISTORY about the Lawrence Jr.Maulers: This league was formed to allow any child who is a boy or girl, heavy or skinny, black or white to play football or too cheer. We do not …I repeat we do not ever turn away any kid from playing or cheering for our league. It’s that simple……

  8. billjrmaulers says:

    football 101 you know it was wrong if that was not the case then the president of cape ann would not have quit saying ” i will nopt be part of a league that outs two inner city leagues for no issue ” I will also state that they violated thier own by-laws they know it

    1. football101 says:

      never happened… what was the name of the president that quit? did he have any health issues???????

      1. billjrmaulers says:

        bob gnoza i was part of the meeting stated that he wouldnt be part of the good old boy club and quiting had nothin to do with his health issues we have statement of him quiting and you all can lie about it but the truth always comes out The right thing to do would be to honor thr contract and let the kids play so football 101 contact coachbill he is on your email list so lets work this out like adults instead of breaking by-laws and stae laws to remove two inner city league because the dont FIT

  9. Jr Mauler Mom #80 says:

    The Jr Maulers are not just a league we are a FAMILY we have a great kids that play football the way the should with their hearts. The board has been working day and night fighting for our kids and people should know OUR KIDS are the most important factor in this and they should have the right to play..

  10. Mildred Dominguez says:

    It’s very sad either way whoever was wrong in this..the kids shouldn’t pay the price for others mistakes. My kids both play for the Maulers and they want to play…Why have the kids pay the price..Our kids are our future lets show them that no matter what race or gender they are able to do accomplish whatever they want in life..Let them play they all deserve to prove what talent they have..This has been going on way to long and I believe that it needs to stop…Put the differences aside and let them PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Little Footbal says:

    Can the kids play for the Lawrence Hurricans. If they weight too much, move the kids up.

    1. billjrmaulers says:

      we will have a SEASON talk to leagues right now so dont worry

  12. CDB says:

    Correst me if im wrong but didnt this same group(not kids the board) get removed from Norteast Jr High for several rules violations. It was confirmed by NEJR High officials a couple years back. Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmm

    1. billjrmaulers says:

      yet another untrue staement we left them for cape ann and they are one of the leagues that said we are welcome back next year so get your facts straight the facts are we were treated wrong by cape ann if that was not the case then they would have soken up when asked by wbz and more the 24 hours later still no comment if what the did was right or warrented then they would have talked proved they didnt do anything wrong but they didnt because they cant PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ED says:

    Cape Ann board members should be ashamed they are letting politics rule over innocent children and common sense. As adults we should lead by example. If Cape Ann thought Lawrence was not a good fit why not warn them and allow them to finish this season and they could look for another league in the meantime?! Why allow the kids to suffer? This doesn’t affect the adults like it does the KIDS.

    1. coachbill says:

      thanks Ed thats all we asked for ut the will have to answer for thier actions

  14. Mildred Dominguez says:

    It doesn’t really matter what happened if it happened who was right who was wrong..All that matters is that the kids have no fault in is sad that ADULTS are acting like CHILDREN..when all they should worry about is our kids.
    but I know with prayers God will help us thru this situation…at the end of the day they are our future and it’s sad that as adults we can’t come together to show them to be better than us as ADULTS today…Have a blessed DAY

    1. lawrence parent says:

      I strongly do not agree It does matter whos at fault ! A league (cape ann youth football ) can not do what they did which was both illeagel and immoral Im glad to hear that the jr maulers are getting a chance to play this season ut that does not mean a league should be ale to walk all over a town because the are not a (FIT) learn to stand up for what is right and dont let people walk all over our kids

  15. KDBOSS says:

    It’s because they are associated with Maulers in the NEFL…….has anyone ever seen one of these games? Absolute joke and a poor excuse for being called organized football.

    The swearing, fighting and complaining probably trickles down to the jr. team.

    1. coachbill says:

      I find a comment like that completly uncalled for what semi pro team does is not relected to a youth program I have coached at th JR MAULERS for 5 years and are kids act as responsible kids with a sence of purpose. They learn sportsmanship and how to conduct themselves on and off the field It is clear that you do not like the big maulers which is your oppinion, but for you to write a comment about children who play a sport that they love is plain wrong. You as an adult should think before you comment! nd lets just state a fact we are the est youth program around! Some leagues are afriad of real football. So boss mind your buisness and take out youir anger that you could make it any further in football the a wanna be. Wow words are harmful huh? So use your head next time!!!!!!

  16. KDBOSS says:

    It’s because they are associated with Maulers in the NEFL…….has anyone ever seen one of these games? Absolute joke and a poor excuse for being called organized football.

    The swearing, fighting and complaining probably trickles down to the jr. team

    1. coachbill says:

      Boss also come watch a JR MAULER game and see what reall football is!

  17. KDBOSS says:

    Coach Bill,

    Take a course in English and then reply back to my original comments because you can’t spell. I can see the problem starts at the top with you. By the way, you are far from the best youth football program around. Truth hurts doesn’t it?

    1. coachbill says:

      Thanks for pointing out my spelling and gramma I should check it before I think its done .Have a nice day,but I’m sure you got the point.. I would also like to say that a person that comments on a youth program like you did must want to make a point. At the cost of some great kids. What do you have to gain?

      1. KDBOSS says:

        Coach Bill,

        Not a problem in pointing out your errors, they were quite obvious. The point of my comments were that if you are affiliated with Maulers of the NEFL then I can see why someone has told you your team does not fit in. The teams in that league are a disgrace to football, I unfortunately took my nephew to a game last year and left after the first quarter based solely of what I witnessed. The swearing, fighting, arguing amongst each other was horrendous.

        I bet the JR Maulers have attended some of those games in the past and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a trickle down effect happening.

        As far as me being a wanna be, I forgot more about football than you know. I’ve played at the highest level of collegiate football, the problem with you and everyone else involved with youth sports/nefl is that you are still living a pipe dream.

      2. coachbill says:

        People like you that would use a statement like ( NOT A FIT) in anyway should be ashamed of that, but the real problem is that people with that sence of higher class and when I say higher class I mean people that really think they are better then everyone else. Well let me say your not better just bitter! As to living a pipe dream. Is it a pipe dream to belive that giving kids a purpose teaching them team work and working hard pays off. As we like to say. If it is true that you played at that high of a level which I highly doubt you would know that football has taught alot of kids to drive for something and that is something in this world. Alot of kids get lost without a drive for something. So use that head of yours to think before you speak or comment instead of looking to make a point that most people would never say!!! Well people with morals and ethics. NOT A FIT you should e ashamed maybe you should worry about the tricklr down effect you will have on your own family. Is this something you want to teach them To judge a person because of the city or the color of that persons skin. again thanks but no thanks

    2. ED says:

      KDboss Really? You’re wasting space writing something that has nothing to do with the issue here. Are you helping the children here or just putting down an individual? Let’s grow up.

  18. KDBOSS says:

    I really still can not comprehend what you are trying to write, seriously…..go take a class at the community college down the street from you.

    I have never once said your team was “not a fit” for the league you are in. What I did say was that it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the reasons you are being thrown out of the league is because you are associated with the Big Maulers. If I were a league official for the youth program you are involved with and witnessed one of those games then I would be outraged that you were aligned with them.

    Those teams put on a horrible experience for any child to watch. The f-bombs, racial slurs and fighting during one quarter were enough for me to judge what happens throughout the entire league and was enough for me to make a judgement call that if the jr.maulers were anything like that then I wouldn’t want them to be a part of that league either.

    1. coachbill says:

      I can see why someone has told you your team does not fit in.”

      boss these are your words I can see why someone has told you your team does not fit in.”
      so you can see why we don’t fit same as saying not a fit

  19. coachbill says:

    “The point of my comments were that if you are affiliated with Maulers of the NEFL then I can see why someone has told you your team does not fit in.”

    Your words from your comment copied and pasted

    1. coachbill says:

      oss your words correct

      1. KDBOSS says:

        Do you really need me to spell it out for you.

        “why SOMEONE has told you your team does not fit”

        I never said your team does not fit in, bottom-line is that if you are coexisting with an nefl team then shame on you.

      2. coachbill says:

        JD just drop it the nefl does not coach with us or help with are kids the coaches for the jr maulers are not players in the nefl. The kids in Lawrence are good kids and have worked really hard. imjust glad that thier season is not over that there are people out threre that cared enough to help out the kids bottom line is sometimes people fall down on thier luck and the kids dont choose where they live. So why not encourage them to try harder and achieve something thats why I the coach jr maulers. I want my kid and everyones kid to be better

  20. coachbill says:

    Hi this is coachBill from THe JR. Maulers
    I want to say a few things. Lets start of with the kids they are great kids. what was done to them was against the law Cape ann Youth football knows what they did was wrong to make a staement like your not a FIT is just not right. These kids deserve better. We teach are kids that hard work pays off and if you really want something hard work is the way to get it, and isn’t that something that all kids should be taught. NO matter where they live how much money they have thier color or any other reason ? I think it shouldn’t matter! We asked Cape ann youth football to do the right thing and allow are kids to play that was the contract we signed three years. They havent even been fair enough to return all our money. what they did caused the president who has been part of cape ann for 20+ years to quit on the spot. If he knows its wrong why do some members of cape ann insist on alowing something like this to happen, and I say some becuase some did not vote to remove us. So what I am asking is for everyone to write cape ann youth football and anyone you know that you think might make a difference. We can not sit back and allow this to happen to us our kids or to the next team they deem not a FIT.
    thank you for taking the time to read this
    Lawrence Jr. Maulers
    our face book page is lawrence jr maulers join and support whats right

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