Well Kids, here we go again……another war between the states.   Actually to be grammatically correct….it’s a war among the states and who do you suppose the losers will be?    Us!   All of us.   Those of us who don’t want anything to do gambling casinos, in my yard of anybody else’s yard for that matter…..and to include everyone in this……those who do want the casinos, if they get them, will simply have a place to throw their money away.    Losers…us all!

     Ya know, out in the wide open spaces of Nevada and the like, go for it if you’re so inclined.    If you like sleaze and debauchery, Las Vegas is the place for you. Heck just on the edge of town you can find yourself a legal whorehouse if you really need to be separated from your money, but to start that sort of activity in places like Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island…..whatever….you’ve got to be kidding.    So far, the brain-trusts of Massachusetts have said no to gambling casinos, despite the efforts of our present Speaker of the House. The issue is about the come up again.   Speaker DeLeo is still pushing hard, Governor Patrick I think would cave faster than a sand castle at high tide and wouldn’t you think that House Speaker DeLeo, after watching  three successive predecessors be found guilty of felonies, would want to avoid encouraging this business element into the state.   Come on kids, casinos are not owned and operated by Mother Theresa!!

     Rhode Island and Maine are both getting anxious that Massachusetts may get into the casino gambling business before they do, but as I stated two paragraphs back, we’re all losers if any of the three cave-in.  It’s bad business!!

Comments (3)
  1. LogicRules says:

    So lets see people….some Americans don’t want taxes, don’t want government hardly at all, loathe political leaders that don’t fit their living room perspective, and don’t want an industry that doesn’t measure up to Mother Teresa’s standards that would bring in additional revenue that may help with economic problems. (and maybe the boogie man described above)
    I have an idea..build a bigger wall around your backyard.

  2. roudydowdy says:

    I agree with you completely Gary. I don’t believe that it would bring in more revenue than it would cost. The owners take a lot of money out of the state. I do like LogicRules idea about building a bigger wall since I’m a stone mason.

  3. JohnC says:

    Gambling has been define as a “tax on the mathmatically challenged.” I have never been to Foxwoods and do not ever expect to visit the place. I think gamblers are (let’s be honest) stupid. Having said all of that, if I could get a permit to open a casino, I would do so immediately.” A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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