Experts Say Insurance Should Cover Birth Control Costs

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BOSTON (CBS) – Should health insurance pay for all of a woman’s birth control costs? A panel from the Institute of Medicine is recommending the government require insurance companies to cover contraceptives without co-pays.

The group is expected to present the proposal to lawmakers in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, arguing that unintended pregnancies jeopardize the health of both mothers and their children.

“Historically the co-pays for bills range 15 to 50 dollars for IUD. It can range up to a couple hundred dollars,” says Tricia Wajda, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood-League of Massachusetts.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“One of the top reasons that female students are dropping out of high school is unintended pregnancies. They’re not getting the education that they need to get a good job and be active contributors to the economy, and they often end up then using a lot of subsidized programs.”

Catholic Bishops and other religious organizations argue that pregnancy is a healthy condition, and therefore should not require insurance to prevent it.

The secretary of Health and Human Services will make the final decision.

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