By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – Should health insurance pay for all of a woman’s birth control costs? A panel from the Institute of Medicine is recommending the government require insurance companies to cover contraceptives without co-pays.

The group is expected to present the proposal to lawmakers in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, arguing that unintended pregnancies jeopardize the health of both mothers and their children.

“Historically the co-pays for bills range 15 to 50 dollars for IUD. It can range up to a couple hundred dollars,” says Tricia Wajda, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood-League of Massachusetts.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“One of the top reasons that female students are dropping out of high school is unintended pregnancies. They’re not getting the education that they need to get a good job and be active contributors to the economy, and they often end up then using a lot of subsidized programs.”

Catholic Bishops and other religious organizations argue that pregnancy is a healthy condition, and therefore should not require insurance to prevent it.

The secretary of Health and Human Services will make the final decision.

Comments (10)
  1. Joan Hogan says:

    all Insurance companies should be required to cover Birth Control Costs In full.
    This Is about Reproductive Freedom ! A personal Choice.

    1. Matt Bailey says:

      A personal choice or an elective procedure should never be covered by insurance. If it is not necessary for survival the you cover it.

  2. emom says:

    I wonder what cost more,,, Birth Control Pills, Abortion or Giving birth and raising the child. Having the choice to choose when you want to have a child is very important. Young women wait longer to start a family, so having an option is very important…. However with allowing plans to GIVE the pills to patients for FREE, will come at a HUGE price… First your premiums will be higher,,, which may not sit well with many,,,, next you may have to pay a much higher Co-pay and OUT of POCKET expenses. For so many this can be a huge financial burden….. There are some meds that simply should be less expensive.. For that matter most should be cheaper, But that is another problem… I want to see an A LA CARTE type insurance plans,,, in which people can design their own healthcare plan at a price they can afford,, adding coverage for things they may need more… Employer’s are already starting to offer things like this, giving their employee’s a choice of a few plan options. This helps a lot. A young family can have the birth control option where as and older person may not need it, Healthcare needs to be overhauled as it cost to much as is…. This is a good start..

  3. Marge says:

    my insurance covered my birth control pills, but I did have to make the co-pay, just like any other RX

  4. Willow says:

    I think all insurances should cover contraceptives. Many babies are born to young women who cannot support them and rely on government programs to raise them. Why have unwanted pregnancies when some could be avoided. If any woman is not ready to bring a child into the world, then make birth control available to all women and make sure it’s covered.

  5. Karen R Mangan says:

    i dont pay for birth control.. no co pay no money lol

  6. emom says:

    Willow agree, to many teens and young women get pregnant If birth control was available then maybe the rate would go down.. we see it to often, and when this kind of subject comes up, people start to say , Why not reframe from getting pregnant in the first place, Which sadly is a huge problem in this country…. Either way it should be available at no or low cost,,,, just as other meds that are used widely in this country…. antibiotics, to start.. The bigger problem with getting this to work , is the pharmaceuticals are greedy and are unwilling to allow the general populations to gain access to such drugs and at a low or no cost,.,,, They stand to loose millions as does the insurance companies,,,, Like I said above ,,, if they do this It will in the end cost many more that do not use these drugs, thru their premiums , co-pays and out of pocket expenses.. I am not sure the larger population is willing to pay that price….

  7. Denise says:

    Many can get birth control at clinics for free.. I would support the insurance companies covering the cost of tying their tubes! Or giving vacectomies… but many of these kids/adults are making a good living having these babies and collecting welfare/foodstamps etc. If you’re a responsible adult this isn’t really an issue for you!

  8. Joan Hogan says:

    In Response to Matt Bailey.. Are you from The Medieval Times ? If Someone wants To use Birth Control That Is Their Choice. Most Insurane Companies See It this way Anyways. Think of the Cost to taxpayers who pay for the Increased need of Welfare, Foster Care, and think of the Children who are neglected and abused because their Parents were not Ready to Raise a child.

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