By Meteorologist Joe Joyce

It’s getting mighty hot out there today! Temps on their way to 90-95 degrees with breezy WSW winds. The only sea breeze you will find today will be along the south coast keeping those beaches in the 80’s. A muggy summery evening with skies becoming partly cloudy after midnight with some patchy fog at the south coast with the increasing dewpoints.

Hazy hot humid conditions will be in place Monday with temps again approaching 90. Not as hot as today because clouds will be increasing…but certainly more humid and uncomfortable. A cold front will be sliding through the region Monday…which will become the trigger for scattered storms for the middle afternoon hours….early afternoon for Northern new England and after 3 PM for areas south of the Pike. These storms may contain gusty winds which may be strong enough to produce scattered wind damage. Also these storms will come with some heavy downpours as well.

scattered showers and storms are possible through Monday night in southern New England before finally pushing off the coast early Tuesday AM as the front pushes off the coast and out to sea. Behind this front…plenty of warm air so highs on Tuesday will still be in the mid-upper 80’s..Dewpoints will start out in the upper 60’s and fall a bit through the afternoon…and become a bit less humid.

A trough along the Northeast will be steering in the less humid air, but a massive heat ridge in place across the nation will reassert itself and begin to shift eastward to end the week. We will be right back to near 90 Wednesday. Temps will be warming dramatically by Thursday and Friday into the mid 90’s…some may even approach 100 by Friday. The hottest air of the summer! Scattered afternoon convection is possible both Thursday and Friday afternoons.  This will be part of a newsmaking massive heat wave which will grip the eastern half of the US and affect millions of people.

There is still conflict about how long this heat wave will last. Will a front move through Friday to briefly cool us down Saturday back into the Lwr 80’s…with the heat to return again….or will the front remain stalled across the Canadian Border with temps remaining in the 90’s right through next weekend? Hard to have any confidence how this is going to play out this far in advance.

The heat will begin to break across the Nation moving through next week. Stay cool! This is the real deal coming our way!

Comments (6)
  1. JimmyJames says:

    Gret blog as always Joe.
    Thunderstorm Index at a 2 tomrrow which is MODERATE on the 1-4 scale meaning some severe weather is possible but not widespread.

  2. brady says:

    thought it was going to be a THREE?

  3. Matt says:

    Extreme heat risk???? Please don’t tell me the media is going to hype this for the entire week. GET OVER IT. IT’S JULY. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE HOT! It was hotter than this last summer and amazingly we all didn’t spontaneously combust.

  4. Rob Rose says:

    Ahhhh! Finally my time of year! Where are all those so called “extreme weather” lovers that are around for the cold and blizzards ? Hadi, where are u ? And all those who around in the winter ? Stop BSing us…you just love cold and snow….just have the guts to admit it! I love the heat! Hate the winter!

  5. coach23 says:

    Love this weather!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notice all those cold lovers have crawled back into their dens. I will admit it. I love the heat and hate the cold.

  6. Matt Souza says:

    I guess i am one of those few people that love the extremes. I love winter and i love summer. I love the snow and cold for skiing , sleeding. ,snowball fignts and just having fun. plus i rather have a coat of right than brown. . But i love summer swimming, biking, and lets not forget summer vacation. both seasons i have things that i can do. so yeah i guess i am one of the few people that are on all year.
    Matt first times have to come i agree with you it has been cooler this summer. brady shut up Jimmyjames been doing this for a while he knows what he is doing.

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