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     Alright…….chalk this one up to shameless self promotion, which it is.    It’s brand new…never tried before between these two industry giants…..but it’s happening right now and guess who’s hosting the unbelievably well researched, well produced television show in the city of Boston?      You guessed it……your humble and right now unabashed self promoter………’tis I….your Trained Observer.

     It was just a couple of weeks back, I was asked if I’d be interested in taking an audition to host a new television show in Boston……to be called BBJTV.   BBJ is the Boston Business Journal, one of the most highly respected business journals  of its type in the country and CBS Boston Television.   I dusted off the pinstripe suit, dug out the old duffel bag of TV makeup (and it took a lot of it) and the rest is history.   We have recorded the first two half-hour programs which will run twice a week on Boston television.    The first one was on channel 38 this past Wednesday night at 9:30 and it will repeat this Sunday morning (July 17)….on CBS Channel 4 at 11 a.m.    The second one will air next Wednesday night (July 20th) at 9:30 p.m. on channel 38 and will be aired again the following Sunday morning (July 24th) at 11 a.m. CBS Boston, Channel 4…..(WBZ-TV).

     The first couple of shows are about the businesses in and around Boston which  made the Boston Business Journals list of “Best Places To Work.”   This is a well researched and finely produced television show from start to finish.  I don’t believe this sort of joint venture has been tried before and from your incredibly biased blogger known as Trained Observer, I think you’re going to be impressed.    I wasn’t sure there could ever be enough make-up to pull this off…..but it works.   I’m proud to be back in television, no matter how briefly and hosting this timely TV series.  

     BBJ-TV……check it out and I welcome all comments.

  1. Richard Perez says:

    I will only watch if the show features Lisa Van Der Pool! Yum!!

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