It seems that the NFL lockout is coming to an end. The two sides met on Thursday for 15 hours and according to Bert Breer it was a very productive day.

Breer joined Toucher & Rich to discuss what they really worked out so far, how close this thing is to over and what’s left to discuss? They discussed the rookie pay scale and what it looks like the sides agreed on.

The guys also agreed that even though this this is close to being over there are still things that need to be discussed. What are the issues that still need to be worked out?

“The big things out there is the Legacy Fund, which is helping retirees benefits,” Breer said.

Assuming this thing is a done deal soon how will free agency go?

“We’re probably going to have 2 to 3 day period where team are going to be able to take care of their own free agents and adjust to the rules. I would think after that free agency and training camp are going to open right around the same time,” were Breer’s thoughts.


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