A Blog by Gary LaPierre

    I’ll probably take some heat for this one, maybe right here in-house, but ya know what, I don’t give a rat’s tush what Whitey has been reading in recent years and I’m a bit amazed some people do.

     I guess it could all go back to my previous blog entry, critical of the Feds sucking up to this street thug from Southie, but my fear is……it’s just more adulation or “oh my gosh” stuff over a guy who has been a dirt-bag hoodlum most of his life.    Congratulations to the “Eye-Teams” et al that have been digging this stuff up from the archives…..nice work…but I don’t care.     This old thug and accused multiple-killer is never going to see the light of day again, except of course when the feds are delivering him limo style (John Kerry style) back and forth from jail to the courthouse…and it does not impress me that he read all sorts of intellectual books and manuscripts while incarcerated.   I even heard one official gushing recently that…”had Whitey applied his knowledge and expertise to good and legitimate businesses, he would have been extremely successful.”   WELL HE DIDN’T!!    He applied himself to street thuggery from the time he was old enough to walk.   He intimidated people, he led a life of crime, he lied, he corrupted, ruined, bloodied and according to the indictments MURDERED at least a dozen and half others in the course of his life and you want me to be impressed that he read a lot of great books?  

     I don’t think so!!     And one more thought applicable to the rat’s tush…keep Whitey’s travelling concubine locked up too.  She does not deserve to go free any time soon.


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