BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox DH David Ortiz has been suspended four games by Major League Baseball for charging the mound last Friday night against the Baltimore Orioles.

Baltimore reliever Kevin Gregg has also been suspended four games. Both were fined an undisclosed amount.

Ortiz plans to appeal the supsension.

In the eighth inning of the Red Sox 10-3 win, Gregg threw three pitches inside to Ortiz. Papi took exception to the third one, barking at Gregg. Benches cleared but nothing was made of it.

Until the next pitch.

On a 3-0 count, Ortiz swung away and popped up. As he went down the first base line, Gregg yelled at him to run it out. This upset Ortiz, who charged the mound.

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Both Ortiz and Gregg threw punches, but hit nothing but air. Gregg was ejected immediately for heckling Ortiz. The Red Sox DH was ejected after charging the mound.

Boston catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Baltimore reliever Jim Johnson were also ejected from the game Friday and received fines.

Red Sox Pitcher John Lackey was fined for throwing at the Orioles Derek Lee in Saturday’s game.

Baltimore reliever Mike Williams was suspended three games for throwing behind Ortiz in Sunday’s searies finale. Orioles manager Buck Showalter was also suspended one game.

Comments (15)
  1. Matthew Poulin says:

    OMG he dost deserve 2 b suspeded the pitcher was an instagater

  2. alan says:

    Matthew, sorry to say, Ortiz does have to be suspended. Thug Gregg did the rest of the American League East a HUGE favor here.

    1. Matthew Poulin says:

      ya i no atleast the pitcher dude got suspended

      1. alan says:

        I do think Gregg should have gotten more of a suspension than Ortiz!

    2. Matt says:

      Well even though I think he does deserve to be suspended (and I’m a Sox fan), not for four games. More like one or two games but not four, I haven’t heard if they have given Gregg a suspension yet does anyone know?

      1. Matt says:

        Just read the comments, nevermind about my question

  3. Nad says:

    Is there anything more gay than a baseball fight?
    More like a big group hug.

    1. alan says:

      Ortiz should have known to extend the left arm and drive those legs………….. He’d have knocked that jerk, Gregg, into the centerfield bleachers. lol

  4. Matt says:

    This was mainly Kevin Greggs fault. Now I’m a die hard Sox fan, but I do think Ortiz’s actions were a bit over the line. But Gregg deserves just as much if not more than Ortiz for trying to hit him, and for provoking him with those comments to him on the way to first base, and for being part of the fight as well. Ortiz did nothing wrong until he rushed out to the mound on the way to first base. When he pointed at Gregg and warned him, that was because Gregg pitched 3 balls at him, and Ortiz avoided them. Commissioner Selig (Bud “Bad” Selig), is really out of line doing this to Ortiz and not giving an adequate suspension and fine to Kevin Gregg.

    1. Matt says:

      When I say “Now I’m a die hard Sox fan” I don’t mean I just became a Sox fan it was a speech thing if you know what I mean. Think of it as if I said “I’m a die hard Sox fan.”

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