BOSTON (CBS) – 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Sean McAdam joined Toucher & Rich Wednesday morning from Phoenix, Arizona, the site of the 2011 MLB All-Star Game.

As glamorous as it is for fans to watch, that is not the case for the media.

“It’s like covering a spring training game for us. Players are coming out in the 3rd,5th, 7th inning,” said McAdam. “We’re stuck in a tunnel waiting for guys to stop and answer three questions before departing.”

The one player McAdam was waiting for was Red Sox starter Josh Beckett, who was scheduled to pitch the second inning of Tuesday night’s Mid-Summer classic but withdrew after feeling soreness in his left leg. The same leg he hyperextended in his final start before the All-Star Break.

“In the big picture, as he was leaving the ball park I asked him about Sunday night, would be able to make that start,” said McAdam. “He said he would, worst case scenario they push him back a day or two.”

While the injury does not appear to be serious, Beckett told the Red Sox he would not pitch Tuesday unless he was 100-percent; it is still a cause for concern for Boston.

“It’s something they still have to monitor and I’m not sure if it’s a slam dunk if we see him in the next 4-5 days,” said McAdam.

Beckett’s injury, along with Jon Lester’s Lat and Clay Buchholz’s back, will play a big role in the Red Sox decisions at the trade deadline. Their health will determine if Boston needs to try and get another starting pitcher for the end of the season. Luckily, they have some time before the July 31st trade deadline.

“I think a lot of that is how quickly they get their Big Three back,” said McAdam. “Lester has the pulled Lat and is eligible to come off the DL next week. Hopeful that is not a thing that lingers. Beckett has the knee and is set to start Sunday. Then you have Buchholz who is the most concerning of all. The back thing has lingered for more than a month.”

“The problem is if they determine these guys aren’t coming back or can’t be depended on, there is not a lot on the trade market to go get,” said McAdam, bringing up the fact Boston sent two of their top prospects in the Adrian Gonzalez trade.

“Even if there were a front line guy made available, like (Cliff) Lee and (Roy) Oswalt last summer, it would be hard for the Sox to compete with other teams,” he said.

There were rumors spreading that the Sox were interested in Cubs starting pitcher Matt Garza. Could the Chicago hurler be making his way to Boston?

“I don’t make anything of it. I spoke to somebody who would know what the Cubs are thinking and was told in no uncertain terms the other night they would not move him,” McAdam said. “The Cubs are already short of starting pitching, why would the move their most valuable starting pitcher.”

The guys also touched on the incident between David Ortiz and Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg and the possibility of suspension for the DH.

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