CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire lawmakers are planning on filing legislation named after toddler Caylee Anthony that would make it a crime to fail to report a child’s disappearance.

State Sen. David Boutin, a Hooksett Republican, is working on a version of what is being called Caylee’s Law in honor of the dead Florida toddler whose mother did not report her missing for a month.

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt, a Salem Republican, also intends to ask the House Rules Committee to allow him to introduce a bill after the deadline. Bettencourt said his bill probably would give parents 48 to 72 hours to report the child missing before they face criminal charges.

In a highly publicized case, Casey Anthony was acquitted last week of murder in her daughter’s death.

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Comments (4)
  1. Willow says:

    Casey Anthony didn’t report her child missing because she knew exactly where she was. What a shame that we have to legislate responsibility. There are only two reasons that I can think of not to report a missing child. One, the child has been kidnapped and a ransom demanded along with not contacting the police, and second, the parent is attempting to cover up a crime.

  2. brat says:

    This is overkill. No pun intended. Casey Anthony is a criminal. Criminals couldn’t care less whether we have a law about this that or the other thing. This is just an angry reaction to the shocking not guilty verdict at her trial. I agree that not reporting a child missing is unacceptable, but at what point do we draw the line at the law teaching us the responsible thing to do.

  3. Alicia Reynolds says:

    What a waste of time, money and energy. It’s not necessary to have a law for normal, non murdering parents to notify when their children are missing. People who aren’t guilty, (and even those who are in the past, i.e. susan smith). Notify the law when they really don’t know where they are. Please go forward with the jury not being able to make money afterwards. Let’s not have more worthless laws… it wouldn’t have saved this baby.

  4. Len says:

    Its totally ludacris and disgusting! And while the “Caylee’s Law” is nice, I really don’t see it getting much use b’cuz who does that anyway, besides a sick SOB like Casey! WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED IS THE JUDICIAL SYSYTEM! THE PROSECUTION HAS TO PROVE BEYOUND A REASONABLE DOUBT! Well that jury had UNREASONABLE DOUBT! What about that, it’s a joke this “reasonable doubt” and “shadow of a doubt” I wonder, what in the hell does that exactly mean and which one is it exactly??? That’s what needs to be changed! Extremely flimsey way of instructing a jury. Especially when you get a jury of 12 of the dumbest idiots you’ll ever see! What about if they come up with UNREASONABLE DOUBT as what happened in this case??

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