REVERE (CBS) – A water main break in Revere could cause headaches for commuters and beach-goers on Tuesday.

The break happened overnight on Centennial Avenue which is about a block away from the Revere Beach Blue Line stop and Revere Beach Boulevard.

The Department of Public Works was on scene Tuesday morning. The break does not appear to have reached many homes in the area.

Comments (3)
  1. emom says:

    Another OLD and BRITTLE pipe bursts, I wonder how much the clean up from these burst pipes cost verses just fixing them before they burst…. And can they detect if the pipe is bad .. Just wondering

  2. Saami Haji says:

    Unwelcoming bathroom odors. rObust sewage smells is a type of response to broke pipe joints, substandard feel ring as well as not enough h2o within bowl.pipe burts

  3. Saami Hadipour says:

    Probably the most disturbing experiences that the homeowner can have will be the find out of an water line which break open. The reason that this is therefore terrible isn’t only since burst …pipe burts

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