NATICK (CBS) – The many people who travel the Mass. Pike on a daily basis would get a break under legislation being considered on Beacon Hill Tuesday.

One proposal would freeze tolls on the Turnpike, while another would exempt some senior citizens from paying tolls. Another would create an H.O.V. lane.

The proposals will be considered by the joint committee on transportation.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Senator Michael Moore of Millbury says if they can do it on the Expressway, they can do it on the Pike.

“Until someone brings it up, the issue doesn’t move forward,” says Senator Moore.

The issue is up Tuesday, whether it moves forward is another matter.

  1. emom says:

    The tolls on the pike or any other road wouldn’t be so bad IF it was used for the purpose it was designed for… THE ROADS.. the salaries are huge for the toll booth workers, we heard about that earlier this year, Also what is the percentage of seniors using the tolls, compare to large trucks commercial vehicles , buses, over every day citizens.. There is always congestion with the tolls and only a few fast lanes open. But in the end I wonder if this is just politicians getting our hopes up. Time will tell. But not hoping for much.

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