By Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent

BOSTON (CBS) – Katherine Greig was due back in court on Wednesday to find out if a judge would grant her bail.  Whitey Bulger’s longtime companion spent 16 years on the run with him.

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On Monday, prosecutors laid out a timeline detailing the couple’s travels, encounters, and aliases.

FALL 1994:

Greig and Whitey Bulger broke up in September 1994 so Bulger began dating and traveling with Teresa Stanley. Together they traveled to Italy, England, and Ireland. They also traveled to Arizona, California and New York City. The FBI says Bulger during this time opened Safe deposit Boxes in Clearwater, Florida; Dublin, Ireland; and London, England. The rent on the Clearwater, Florida safe deposit box was paid by his brother Jackie.

Jan 5, 1995:

The FBI says on the night the Federal arrest warrant was issued for Whitey Bulger he was actually in a car traveling back to Massachusetts when he was alerted on his beeper by mob associate Kevin Weeks. Bulger then traveled to Selden, New York where he stayed with Kevin Weeks first cousin at their home. In Selden, New York Bulger purchased a black Mercury Marquis in cash and obtained New York Plates. He was going by the name Thomas Baxter. He also purchased two safes which were placed in the home.

Dec/Jan 1995:

Teresa Stanley wanted to come home. So Bulger dropped her off at a home in Hingham, Massachusetts and then drove to South Boston where he picked up Catherine Greig at Malibu Beach. Greig was dropped off with luggage at this location by her twin sister Margaret McCusker. Greig had two pet poodles which she left with McCusker. Greig also left a bag with $100,000.00 in it supposedly for a family friend identified as Sean McDonough. The McDonough family lived for a short time in the home owned by Catherine Greig in Quincy.

Jan 1995 – July 1996

Greig and Bulger drove to Selden, New York and then to Grand Isle, Louisiana where they stayed in various cabins paying cash all the time. He wore his belt buckle with the insignia of the Alcatraz Prison and she had her hair done on many occasions by a woman who happened to be the Police Chief’s daughter. Greig always introduced herself as “Helen” and said she was from New York. Together the two would travel to Wal- Mart where they would use a public telephone using untraceable phone cards. During this time they made dozens of phone calls to contacts in South Boston. In one phone call, Bulger warned Teresa Stanley that she should stop hanging around with one particular person who was not identified. Greig called her twin sister Margaret McCusker a minimum of four times using phones at neighbors and friends houses.

Summer 1996

At some point Teresa Stanley told the FBI that Bulger was using the name Thomas Baxter. Mob associate Kevin Weeks found out about this exchange of information and told Bulger. Weeks and Bulger then arranged to meet in Chicago where they would create new phony IDs. The FBI described how Weeks, Bulger and Greig traveled to a Chicago Wal-Mart and purchased a large cloth to use be used as a back ground for the phony IDS. They then went to a hotel room in Chicago where they took pictures for their new identities. Bulger’s brother Jackie who was working the state court system at the time provided his mobster brother a photo of himself wearing a mustache to be used as Whitey’s new ID photo.

Summer/ Fall 1996

Using the names Mark and Carol Shapton, they traveled by train on at least two occasions to New York City. Again they met Kevin Weeks and another man, Peter Lee, where more phony ids were produced and delivered. It was during the Fall of 1996 that Kevin Weeks told Bulger that could no longer meet because the “heat” was on. It is around this time that Bulger and Greig moved to Santa Monica California. In Santa Monica they took on the names Charles and Carol Gasko. They had multiple high end phony ids and tons of weapons and cash.

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