NORTH BERWICK, Maine (AP) — Investigators in Maine are examining cell phone and logbook records and electronic equipment as they try to determine why a tractor-trailer failed to stop in time to avoid a collision with Amtrak’s Downeaster in North Berwick.

Steve McCausland of the Maine Department of Public Safety said Tuesday that witness accounts and 200 feet of skid marks on Route 4
make it clear the driver tried to stop.

He said investigators don’t yet know how fast the driver was going before attempting to brake.

The posted speed limit was 35 mph.

Police say 35-year-old Peter Barnum of Farmington, N.H., was killed late Monday morning in the fiery collision. He was hauling more than 20 tons of garbage to a regional waste incinerator.

Four Amtrak passengers and two crew members were injured.

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Comments (4)
  1. Ryan says:

    No job is worth this. You may be on paid time but it’s still important to keep stay safe.

  2. 1stackmack says:

    anybody say what brand of truck it was,ie mack,peterbilt,kw.and just because there were skid marks,doesn’t mean all the brakes were working.that dump trailer had a lift axle that might not have had the suspension wasn’t adjusted for the weight.did the truck have a working jake brake.did the town not allow jakes because of noise.there are alot of questions here but its the song says.i hope there’s big rigs in heaven.

  3. Sarah J. says:

    It was a Kenworth and that piece of sh@t had no working trailer brakes…..Hence 240 yards of skid marks. He was a good friend to us. RIP

  4. polcatt says:

    Everyone will miss u peter he was a great guy and driver. something isnt rite only 20 ton on and 200 ft to stop with 6 axles come on that trailers breaks should be the first thing they should check god bless ya peter

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