With Massarotti out of the studio for the week, Felger was joined by Marc Bertrand and Jermaine Wiggins for Wednesday’s show. In the aftermath of Jon Lester leaving last night’s game with an injury to his “whole lat” Mike, Marc and Jermaine spent the first segment of the show debating the potential severity of the injury, and how it might ultimately impact the Red Sox rotation.

After watching practically the entire Red Sox pitching staff downplay injuries to the media at some point this season, the boys can’t help but wonder if Lester might be missing a lot more time than the Red Sox medical staff might originally lead us to believe. While Mike, Marc and Jermaine agree that “the lat’s a big muscle” and that back injuries are tough for pitchers to overcome, they can’t decide how problematic this injury might ultimately become for the Sox.

With several Sox pitchers already on the shelf with injuries, how big of an impact will Lester’s absence have on the Red Sox? If his injury is serious, how high should the panic meter go? And, perhaps more importantly, with Lester hurt, who should become the Red Sox number two starter? Tune in now to find out!


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