BOSTON (CBS)  – Felger and Bertrand kicked off hour three of Tuesday’s show by getting back to hockey talk and discussing the eventful NHL free agency period which kicked off last Friday. With many moves being made across the league, Mike and Marc devoted the segment to asssessing how the multitude of signings would affect the landscape of the league, and the hometown Boston Bruins.

While the highest paid player thus far, Brad Richards, will not be a Bruin next year, many of the notable signings to this point will have an indelible impact on the Bruins in the coming season. How will the departure of Michael Ryder, who signed a deal with the Dallas Stars, affect the Bruin’s roster next year? And perhaps more importantly, how Will Tyler Seguin suffer in his absence and how does his departure affect Seguin’s role on the team?

Additionally, Mike and Beatle also touched on the signing of Benoit Pouliot and the contract extensions given to Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeon earlier this season. Is Pouliot, who is a former fourth overall pick, worth taking a chance on when he has failed to meet expectations to this point in his career? Did Peter Chiarelli properly gauge the market and make the right move resigning Chara and Bergeron early, or should the Bruins have taken their chances waiting until free agency? Tune in now to find out!

98.5 The Sports Hub is the only place to hear every game of the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins 2011-12 NHL season with Dave Goucher and Bob Beers.


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