BOSTON (CBS) – Tony Tantillo has some tips on the best deals on fruits at the market.

Here are some helpful hints, direct from his web site:


When buying fresh blueberries, select firm, plump nourished berries in dry, unstained containers. The berries themselves should be free of moisture, as moisture accelerates decay. Color is the best indicator of blueberry maturity and fully developed flavor, so avoid blueberries that are green, and thus immature. Blueberries should be a deep, purple-blue to blue black color with a silver frost. Reddish berries are not ripe, but may be used in cooking.

Watch the Fresh Grocer:


Look for tomatoes with maximum red coloring that are plump with smooth skins, and heavy for their size. They should be free of bruises, blemishes, deep cracks, or leathery dark patches. If tomatoes are soft and yielding to the touch, they are fully ripe, so only buy them if you can use them immediately.


Choose grapefruit with bright smooth thin unblemished skin. The grapefruit should be very heavy for its size, as it will be the juiciest, and it should be springy to the touch, not soft, or wilted. Defects on the surface of the fruit such as scars, scratches and discoloration don’t affect the sweet juicy fruit taste.

You can watch the Fresh Grocer weekdays at noon on WBZ-TV.


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