BOSTON (CBS) – Whitey Was Here! After waiving his Miranda rights, Bulger admitted to authorities that he had traveled back to Boston in disguise a number of times, “armed to the teeth,” in order to, “take care of some unfinished business.” Can you believe that the most wanted man in America came back to his hometown multiple times? How should taxpayers feel about supplying this man legal representation? Where is the line between despicable acts and civil rights?

Anthony Cardinale, a Boston-based attorney representing one of Bulger’s victims, sits down with Dan to talk about some of the explosive details released today. What should happen to the $800,000 seized in Bulger’s apartment?

Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe reporter, has been covering this story for years. He stopped by the NightSide studio to talk with Dan about the whirlwind of activity and information developing around this case.

Originally broadcast June 27th, 2011.


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