BOSTON (CBS) – Yesterday was a day to absorb the breaking news of Whitey Bulger’s capture, and the emerging details of his life as a fugitive.

Today, as we await his return to face the music here in the city he raped and pillaged, it’s time to seek out what we can learn from the story.

Here are a few suggested lessons to get you thinking.

First, we’ve learned that you can run from your crimes, but you can’t hide, at least, not forever. Sooner or later, someone is going to see your mug shot, or admire the size of the reward for you, or just decide they’re sick of your bad attitude.

Catherine Greig, you wouldn’t fit either of those last two categories, would you dear?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Second, I think we just learned that you can get along for quite awhile paying for everything with cash without arousing suspicion.

Does that surprise you in this age when the debit or credit card is king? Maybe that practice is more widespread than I thought.

A third lesson we’ve learned from the Whitey Bulger saga – crime doesn’t pay.

I know Whitey got away with millions and beat the rap for a long, long time, but what sort of life has he really had?

No friends, no family, no easy freedom of movement.

According to the FBI, Whitey had an arsenal of shotguns, rifles, pistols and knives in his pad, apparently expecting war to break out there.

Nice way to live.

And now he’ll be spending his early 80’s in a federal pen, or, if we’re lucky, on death row.

Would you trade places with this creep?

And a final lesson — evil lives among us.

We may soon find out how many lives Whitey Bulger destroyed, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the final tally is in the hundreds.

But we didn’t really need Whitey to teach us that lesson — did we?

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Comments (21)
  1. alan says:

    The lesson learned from this arrest is a simple lesson. DO NOT answer the door! lol

    1. MIKE M says:


  2. Willow says:

    What I’ve learned is that the FBI isn’t the honorable agency most thought it was. I don’t believe for an instant that they haven’t known all along where this criminal was. Another government agency not to trust. There’s lots of lessons to be learned here and I would wager we haven’t even begun the class yet.

  3. Willow says:

    We’ve also learned that he can get away. Let’s hope that isn’t the case again this time.

  4. h. wilson says:

    I’m not so sure he was without continuing family ties..look carefully we may have our opportunity to finally get Billy too..and save his outrageous pension payments as well.

    Common Martha..GO TO WORK…

  5. jaygee says:

    The FBI has many dedicated personnel and should not be criticized because of a handful of agents who “get to close” to the bad guy. It even took J.Edgar Hoover a very long time to go after the Mafia because he was aware that they were aware that he liked to dress up in womens clothes. Having said that, it’s a brand new FBI and this country is definately a lot better with it than without it. As far as the old saying goes, “crime doesn’t pay”, I am reminded of an old Woody Allen quote which said….”I think crime pays. The hours are good and you travel a lot”.

    1. alan says:

      jaygee, What do whitey Bulger, Billy Bulger and J. Edjar Hoover have in common?

      Yes, Whitey was a cold blooded killer.
      Yes, Billy was President of the Massachusetts Senate.
      Yes, J. Edjat was Director of the FBI.
      But, the common thread is they are ALL crooked! All three corrupted one organization or another!!!!!!

      Thankfully the FBI appears to have turned the corner.

  6. tsal says:

    I agree we have learned that some in the FBI may have been bad but like anything else I do not believe that an entire agency should be judged by a few rotten eggs. Our country is by far and away better with it than it would be without. Maybe the FBI has been hiding or helping him hide or maybe it’s the “family” which runs very deep. Time may tell.

  7. wisegal says:

    The old boy network at the FBI couldn’t (or wouldn’t) find him for 16 years. Somebody got the bright idea to ask older women to be on the lookout, and less than three days later, the bust is done. Maybe the lesson is simply that women know how to get the job done.

    1. alan says:

      wisegal, I do not disagree with your comment, however, this was….always has been an inside job by the FBI!

    2. blackbear1 says:

      The PSA’s to women this week were merely a front. This story is long, wide, deep and complicated. Much much more to come, stay tuned!! The final story(if we ever get it) will bear little semblance to the silliness that we have been fed so far.

  8. BostonIrish says:

    I think that Connelly really gave a huge black eye to the FBI.

    I also think that the FBI couldn’t find him all this time. I also think they got lottery lucky when they went after his girlfriend beginning this week. Really??? No. Something went down that we probably will never know, and be fed a story that they want us to believe. At least he’s in custody. That much is real.

  9. mikey says:

    One way or another, I hope Bulger dies soon.

  10. Dave_D says:

    Shouldn’t they have shot him in the head and buried him at sea? I’m sure the FBI doesn’t want him to start talking. And, he had more guns than bin Laden!

  11. Cook says:

    Is there anything else going on in this state, Let’s forget about bulger and move on to othe rnews, Just give us the highlights. He does not deserve this attention.

  12. tsal says:

    Another think I have learned from this is that everyone is curious which was proven by the circus like atmosphere as he arrived at the courthouse. And also that everyone who has no way of knowing other than speculation what has taken place has nonetheless decided he/she has the answers. I’m not excluding myself.

    The one thing that surprised me was a comment by Dan Rea (I believe) that as taxpayers we are entitled to and should know the name of the person who turned in the tip. I would disagree 150%. We don’t need to know a thing.

  13. Morgan says:

    I think you fail to realize another lesson we learned, regardless of how you, I and others reading this may perceive what type of life he had, I think we can all agree that getting to walk on the beach, cook a nice meal and watch whatever you want on TV is far better than 16 years in the can. Whitey wins that one even when factoring the price of every uncertain day.

    I also learned that this is not a “big win” for law enforcement, if it wasn’t for the issues within law enforcement, this would have happened 16, 20 or perhaps even 30 years ago….. It is an important day for MA but certainly not a big win.

  14. DrStrangelove says:

    The “beauty routine” story was a cover. The feds have known where Whitey was for a while now, probably several weeks, and were just lining up his and their ducks. I am surprised the story didn’t tip him off… or maybe it did. It appears he may have contacted Billy recently in order to set up a plea bargain and defense strategies. I suspect (coming from a CIA family) that the PSA story is a front concocted with Whitey’s cooperation to make it appear he was “getting away with it,” to continue his Robin Hood (Dennis Moore, anyone?) legendary status. It’s a front and a cover plain and simple so old Whitey can retain his “Southie Dignity.” He didn’t get captured; He walked out willingly – Plain and simple. Makes me puke hearing these idiot young’uns calling him a hero. They weren’t even born – They don’t remember what he did to this city. STOP interviewing the public. It just shows what morons they and the news agencies really are.

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