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Keller @ Large: Lessons From Bulger Arrest

BOSTON (CBS) – Yesterday was a day to absorb the breaking news of Whitey Bulger’s capture, and the emerging details of his life as a fugitive.

Today, as we await his return to face the music here in the city he raped and pillaged, it’s time to seek out what we can learn from the story.

Here are a few suggested lessons to get you thinking.

First, we’ve learned that you can run from your crimes, but you can’t hide, at least, not forever. Sooner or later, someone is going to see your mug shot, or admire the size of the reward for you, or just decide they’re sick of your bad attitude.

Catherine Greig, you wouldn’t fit either of those last two categories, would you dear?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Second, I think we just learned that you can get along for quite awhile paying for everything with cash without arousing suspicion.

Does that surprise you in this age when the debit or credit card is king? Maybe that practice is more widespread than I thought.

A third lesson we’ve learned from the Whitey Bulger saga – crime doesn’t pay.

I know Whitey got away with millions and beat the rap for a long, long time, but what sort of life has he really had?

No friends, no family, no easy freedom of movement.

According to the FBI, Whitey had an arsenal of shotguns, rifles, pistols and knives in his pad, apparently expecting war to break out there.

Nice way to live.

And now he’ll be spending his early 80’s in a federal pen, or, if we’re lucky, on death row.

Would you trade places with this creep?

And a final lesson — evil lives among us.

We may soon find out how many lives Whitey Bulger destroyed, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the final tally is in the hundreds.

But we didn’t really need Whitey to teach us that lesson — did we?

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