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Keller @ Large: Whitey Bulger Execution Can’t Come Soon Enough

BOSTON (CBS) – Now that Whitey Bulger has finally been captured and, I presume, will be returning to Boston to face justice, let’s be crystal clear about what he is – one of the worst cancers ever to fester within our community.

The 19 counts of murder, extortion, money laundering and drug peddling that were hanging over Bulger when he fled just before Christmas in 1994 were, by the accounts of the criminals who worked with him and the scores of people scarred by his crime spree, the tip of very large iceberg of pathological crime.

Bulger may very well be the worst mass murderer in American history, and there is ample evidence to believe he is a psychopath on the level of Jeffrey Dahmer or Timothy McVeigh.

Bulger and his scummy sidekicks tormented our community for decades, slaughtering people (at one point taking target practice in Roxbury on innocent pedestrians from a passing car), terrorizing others, seizing legitimate businesses, peddling drugs, raping and pillaging.

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And one of his worst crimes was a non-violent one – the corruption of the Boston office of the FBI, a stain on the credibility of a crucial law-enforcement institution that has lingered for years.

Over the coming days, be on your guard against any sentimental garbage about the “good” side of Bulger, how he allegedly drew the line at selling heroin, kept drugs out of Southie (a lie, by the way), gave money to needy people, was somehow misunderstood or mischaracterized.

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The Scene: Whitey Bulger’s Home In Santa Monica, California

To the extent that public figures or even some in the media fostered that spin over the years, they shamed themselves.

If Whitey Bulger lives long enough to be tried and convicted for his monstrous lifelong crime spree, the feds will surely seek the death penalty, and there has never been a more deserving candidate.

His execution can’t come soon enough.

And we know without a shadow of a doubt where he’ll be headed after be breathes his last vile breath.

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