WORCESTER (CBS) – Officers hired to watch over Worcester State University have been busted for stealing from the school. But, they’re also being let off the hook for the crime.

Three officers were originally suspended after security cameras caught them stealing food at the school.

Now, the school police chief has dropped the punishment, saying the practice had been going on for so long officers thought it was a perk.

Stealing food from the school is now officially banned.

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  1. BILL says:


  2. Ron B says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time. They are items that are for sale and you didn’t pay for them, that’s theft. What did they think the gate was for? “Well clearly it was so other people wouldn’t take the stuff we felt we were entitled to take.” Their excuse is the so ridiculous that not only should they be fired, so should the chief and they should all have to return the wages paid to them so far. Those officers knew what they were doing was wrong and now they’re acting worse than children.

    1. dido ray chapman says:

      Children are pure, there is not a valid reason to compare those bribery officers doing wrong actions with children. We can not offend to any citizens been compared to those officers, who abuse from the confidence given for our society. in order to protect and serve, instead of abuse and pretend to keep acting like nothing happened. Our society must give them what they deserve. It is a disgrace to maintain those type of persons in an University campus, where the honesty, and prestige is recognized.

  3. Stephen Rost says:

    Forget the can of Shield polish..

  4. Mike D says:

    This is what unions do for you, no accountability, everything is free!! Bust the unions NOW!!!

  5. Marbran says:

    “The [crime] had been going on for so long officers thought it was a perk.” They’re black men…they didn’t know any better. Just like all the drug dealers out there…after all, that’s been going on for so long why shouldn’t it also be a perk.

  6. Morgan 53 says:

    Anything less than criminal charges agains the officers involved and the Chief should not be tolerated. These are people paid to protect sate property and should be held to a higher level.

  7. RaggedScooper says:

    Only a government employee can be caught stealing and not be punished because “it had been going on for so long”. In the private sector you would be fired on the spot.

    And government employees wonder why they have such a low level of support from the average citizen.

  8. Don says:

    If a student or anyone else had been caught doing this, they would have more than likely been charged with burglary or larceny. Seems the Chief of Police thinks her officers are above the law. She should be fired and the officers involved charged with theft at a minimum.

  9. dido ray chapman says:

    I only know the “Alma Mater” must feed us with the example and practices of social responsibility principles: Ethics, transparency, good operational practices, anti corruption, among others. What could be happen is an student or any other person is caught by the camera stealing from a cafeteria at any time?

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