BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic admitted to playing with a broken toe for the final two rounds of the playoffs on Sunday.

Lucic broke his right big toe in a practice before Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning when rookie winger Tyler Seguin hit him with a slap shot during a power play drill.

“Seguin hit me with a one-timer right in the toe, so I was playing the last 13 games with a broken toe. I’m sure you guys saw me limping around a bit,” he said Sunday as the team cleaned their lockers at the TD Garden.

“It was certainly tough to play through, but thank God for freezing and Novocaine. It was able to make it feel good. It’s all healed up now so it’s all good,” he said.

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Lucic scored three goals and had four assists after suffering from the injury. He finished the postseason with five goals and seven assists, and admitted it would take a lot more than a broken toe to keep him from playing.

“I think if you broke my leg I’d still try to do anything I could to get out there,” he said.

Milan Lucic On Playing With A Broken Toe

While the toe did bother him, Lucic said he was also suffering from a sinus infection heading into the playoffs. He had just two points off two assists during the team’s opening round seven-game series against the Montreal Canadiens.

“The last five games of the regular season and the first round, I had a sinus infection. It always felt like I had a cloud in my head,” said Lucic. “I was restless because wasn’t getting good sleep. It goes a lot with my nose being broken. I’m looking forward to finally getting that fixed.”

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“This year, especially the first round, was a challenge for myself,” said Lucic when asked about critiscim he received early in the postseason. “For some reason I didn’t feel like myself; when I had the puck on my stick or when I was skating.”

“It didn’t matter how I played as an individual, what means the most is wins and loses,” he said. “It was definitely a great year for myself, I’m looking forward to having some time off after 111 games. But it’s definitely going to be a great summer to think about everything thats happened.”


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