By Barry Burbank, WBZ-TV

A solid north-south swath of rain with some embedded lightning and thunder is gradually proceeding eastward and will be moving into Worcester County through 8-9 am. However, with the loss of daytime heating, the line of action has already begun to weaken. The lightning frequency has decreased significantly in the last hour and it appears that the line will break up and only spotty showers may remain as it approaches Boston after temperatures10 pm. With that said, there is a chance that a bundle of heavier showers and storms may shift from Long Island into southern RI and possibly Cape Cod later in the evening. The upper air disturbance that triggered this convection will continue to wheel across the area overnight with a few attendant dissipating showers. By daybreak, it will be just damp and rather muggy with a few areas of fog and temperatures in the range of 60-65. As the morning progresses, the overcast will first occasionally brighten to be followed by breakage. This will lead to spells of sunshine as it warms up to the middle 70s by the start of the big victory parade to celebrate the Bruins season and their Stanley Cup Championship! HOW SWEET IT IS!!! WOOHOO! Keep in mind that the threat of showers cannot be ruled out but most signs indicate that the risk is low through most of the parade with a higher chance after 1pm when the temperatures max out at or just over 80 degrees. It will be humid with a breeze blowing near or under 10 mph through much of the day. A cold front charging south from northern New England will pass across the Boston area from early to mid-evening with drier air flowing in tomorrow night. It will cool off to the middle 50s to lower 60s. That sets the stage for a fantastic Father’s Day. With brilliant sunshine and maybe just a few streamers of feathery clouds appearing in the afternoon, it will warm up to the lower 80s except a bit lower at some Cape Cod beaches. In my opinion, this is New England summer weather at its very best. The humidity will be low and the pleasant breeze may switch onshore at some beaches in the afternoon. High tides this weekend occur around 2pm tomorrow and about 2:45pm on Sunday. For boaters, visibility may vary in some haze tomorrow but improve to well over 5 miles on Sunday. Seas will run at 1-3 feet with ocean temperatures mostly in the range of 57-62 degrees.

Looking ahead, with a ridge of high pressure in the vicinity, Monday will be delightful starting out in the 50s in the morning then rising to the lower 80s for afternoon highs. Sunshine may yield to some increasing high cloudiness associated with a system tracking south of the region. On Tuesday when astronomical summer starts at 1:16pm, a batch of showers may dampen the region as another cold front approaches from Canada. Once this feature moves out over the Atlantic, partly cloudy weather with temperatures near 80 are expected on Wednesday. After that, the frontal boundary becomes energized with additional wave disturbances so showery rains are projected for Thursday and perhaps Friday as well. Most signs favor a moist northeasterly breeze in the area so it may be cool for late June with highs in the middle 60s to near 70. Admittedly, I am not highly confident of the prediction for the second half of next week. Slight deviations in the steering currents will create a much different outcome. For instance, if the frontal boundary lifts farther north, we’re in the warm and humid zone. Right now, the pattern favors a cooler and wetter setup. We shall see.

Whatever the weather, enjoy this historic weekend in showing pride and honor for the Great Boston Bruins!! … and to all the dads out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Joe Joyce delivers his latest AccuWeather Forecast early in the morning, Todd Gutner chimes in leading into the parade and I shall return later in the day.

Comments (5)
  1. JimmyJames says:

    Great blog as always Barry and I hope you and all the Dad’s have a great Fathers’ Day this Sunday.
    I may have missed your blog on this but I was curious what your thoughts are for the upcoming summer? I am thinking less heat and humidity and I hope I am right.

  2. Adam Vinatieri is still the greatest sports legend in Boston History

  3. Matt Souza says:

    I want the 80 degree weather to stay longet than just 2-4 day periods
    i would like to see it for long streatches of time including some 90s
    it seems for the past 4 weeks The middle part of the week has been nicer than the weekend and or beginning of the week. The temps will be rising through out the week and will go into a great dip late next week.
    That northeast wind will form and creat temps in the 60s and low 70s away from the coast with temps in the low and mid 50s on the coast.
    We are now in a pattern that calls for large drops in temperature and larger rises.

  4. manowx says:

    Hi Barry,

    As a professional wx nut, I prefer that any mention of the Bruins be left to the appropriate blog. Indeed, I am a professional.

  5. manowx says:

    This time last year my neighbor had acs installed in windows. I am enjoying this summer so far, but the dearth of thunderstorms is a downer.

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