BOSTON (CBS) – There’s certainly no love loss between Canadiens winger Max Pacioretty and the Boston Bruins.

In a Bruins-Canadiens game during the regular season, Zdeno Chara rode the Canadien hard against the boards, guiding Pacioretty into the rink’s stanchion. Pacioretty was knocked out for the rest of season.

During the first-round series between the Canadiens and Bruins, a sidelined Pacioretty mocked Bruins rookie Brad Marchand, declaring that one of the games was “longer than marchands nose” on Twitter. He later removed that Tweet.

Photos: Bruins With The Cup

But, Wednesday night early in Game 7, Pacioretty praised a Bruin, for once. Tim Thomas was in the midst of his second shutout of the Stanley Cup Finals (a 4-0 win for the B’s), and Pacioretty went to Twitter to offer his praise:

“No one is scoring on #thomas tonight – #stonewall”

Thomas was awarded with the Conn Smythe Trophy for his efforts throughout the playoffs.


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