The Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night and we opened the show with a highlight montage set to a song from Rocky. You can download it here. Enjoy!

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  1. Andrew Martinello says:

    how do we download the song?

    1. Andrew Martinello says:

      also, how about that AC/DC mix?

  2. matt logan says:

    Indeed said we can download the audio love the rocky theme is perfect for this glory !! post how and where to click

  3. Bill says:

    It won’t let us download it

  4. Marc @Halifax says:

    Click on the down arrow, where it says “Download”, duh, and WMP opens and plays it. Click File, Save as, and save it somewhere. It saves as an MP3 file.

  5. jtriley says:

    I’m not seeing the link either but in any case:

    [audio src="" /]

    Go Bruins!!

  6. tony says:

    cant figure out how to download on my droid. where is the play/download button.

  7. Rish says:

    Can somebody upload the AC/DC “Shoot to Thrill” montage?

  8. Raffi says:

    I heard something similar to this one but with the song Victory by Puff daddy being played then it went into the Rocky theme does anyone remember hearing that??

    If so let me know how I can get .

    Thanks guys

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