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BOSTON (CBS) – When I asked the question to a few Bruins players on Sunday I got a few surprised looks.

“Have you thought about the fact that this is your final game at the Garden this season?”

Think about that.

The Bruins are clearly thinking about staying alive in the Stanley Cup Finals tonight and extending the series to a 7th game.

However, they are indeed saying good-bye to the Garden tonight.

And, it’s been quite a home rink run, hasn’t it?

For some strange reason, home ice as been huge for the past six or so years in the Stanley Cup Finals.

But, only the Finals.

The first three rounds have the home teams pretty close to .500, but in the Finals the home teams are somewhere around 28-8.

5-0 this year.

The Bruins have dominated at the Garden in this series to the tune of 12-1 and will look to add to that tonight.

On the road, the B’s have managed just 2 goals in three games.

Strange, yes.

However, it has meant the hometown fans have left happy especially after dishing out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to see these games.

Tonight, Bruins fans are hoping to see the trend continue for one more game.

The key?

Boston was out-hit 47-27 in Game 5.

Have that happen again and they’re toast.

Be physical, play with energy, get great goaltending and they should be heading back to Vancouver.

If it doesn’t, well, the Garden will close it’s hockey shop with a party… Vancouver style.

And that’s no way to say good-bye.

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