MILFORD, CONN. (CBS/AP) – Connecticut State Police are investigating a car crash involving a mountain lion.

That’s right, a mountain lion was hit by a car and killed in the town of Milford, CT, about 65 miles from the Massachusetts border.

The Department of Environmental Protection said in a statement that the 140-pound animal died after being hit by an SUV at about 1 a.m. Saturday.

Mountain Lions can travel about 25 miles a day. There had been several recent sightings of a large cat believed to be a mountain lion in Greenwich, Connecticut, about 30 miles away from Milford.

Mountain lions are not native to Connecticut and the eastern mountain lion has been declared extinct by the U.S. wildlife officials.

DEP officials have speculated that the animal escaped from a handler or was released.

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Comments (22)
  1. John says:

    In Central Mass., despite sightings, mountain lions are still said not to be around here.

    I guess having a warm body in front of you makes a difference.

  2. Herculano Fecteau says:

    What a shame.

  3. JP says:

    Sure they must be checking area zoo or wildlife preserve that may have had one on hand…other than that I could see this happening on Rt 2 in the northwest part of Mass but Milford, CT…ur talking almost Conn sea coast

  4. etudiant says:

    Prey brings predators.
    In NYC, pigeons bring in peregrines.
    In CT, deer bring in cougars.

    1. JP says:

      Good Point! Conn has some serious deer density areas….probably had worked itself down from NW Conn area

  5. Tony says:

    Us Fish and Game officials wouldn’t know a Mountian Lion from a hole in the ground unless it bit them in the azz !! Despite Hundreds of sighting, they still insist that the Eastern Mountian Loin is extinct. ! I guess the Gray wolves sighted here in the North East got loose from the Zoo also !!! Morons !!

  6. chilitokid says:

    I’m waiting for some ‘official’ to come out and say it was someone’s escaped pet because hat’s usually their first recourse.

  7. Kim says:

    I saw one of these run across Rt. 25 in Wareham Ma. about 3 weeks ago ! I was shocked to see it, as I thought they did not live around here !

  8. Mister Bippy says:

    Was’nt Snaggle Puss a mountain lion? Exit stage right!

  9. Willow says:

    I think we can expect to have sightings of other animals that may not be native to our area since we have slowly continued to build homes in their natural habitat. We build homes in an area where bears live and wonder why they are spotted in our neighborhood and back yard. What a shame that we are slowly pushing all of our wildlife to extinction. I love the beauty of our forests, and want to see them thrive.

  10. John R says:

    Black bear are like rats now, I spent my childhood in the woods & rarely saw a deer, let alone a bear or coyote. Now I see them all the time from my window. Mountain lion tracks ( female with cubs) was spotted on the Orange County/Passaic County borders. The Mountain Lion is a Native Animal in NY, but was hunted out over a 100 years ago. I spoke with a DEC Official & he told me the lion is making itself known again. They don’t want to scare people, but when a carcass turns up, then it’s hard to deny.

  11. Paul B says:

    There have been mountain lion sightings in northeast CT for several years. I saw one near my house when I first moved to Woodstock about ten years ago.

  12. Sandy J says:

    I have seen a mountain Lion twice now in Douglas, Ma. I am not too far from the State Forest and my property abuts Rhode Island and Connecticutt, so there are plenty of woods for these animals to run and mate. I agree that maybe they started out as someone’s illegal pet, but they are not all illegal pets now. Too many people have seen them in many different areas. The authorities will not admit or tell you that someone else has seen them, they try to make you think you saw a bobcat or fisher cat….there is quite a difference. I am glad that there is this forum of people like me who have seen them and are frustrated by people who laugh and think you are crazy.

  13. Althea says:

    I’ve personally had two sightings…a year ago crossing Route 9 in Williamsburg, MA and a few months ago, again crossing Route 9 but this time in Goshen, MA. They’ve been around for years – my husband stood and watched while a mountain lion rolled in the sand at Montgomery, MA, probably 16 years ago.

  14. Al says:

    we had a cougar in our front yard in hampdem MA. last thursday…20 minutes later enviromental police came to our house asking questions about a sighting …and we did not call them!!…nothing was in papers or on tv…there are children in this area…hampden is on the Ct. line in western MA.!!

  15. fiorella says:

    Our kids are more beautiful than mountain lions. If I was a mountain lion mom, I’d protect my cubs.

    I am not.

  16. Tom D. says:

    I saw a mountain lion/cougar (not a coyote, or dog, or bobcat) in Roxbury CT on the lower section of Route 67 about 30 years ago. I was a couple of hundred yards from him as he walked slowly across the road in broad daylight. He was big and very yellow and unmistakably a mountain lion. The F&W people practice denial as a way of life. Years ago in WV my wife saw a coyote, but was told by the local ranger that there were NO coyotes in the area. Next year when we asked again about it they readily admitted that the coyote was becoming more and more common there. Today the coyotes sit in the middle of my residential street in NW Washington DC and yip/howl their heads off every so often. We’re also overrun with deer who eat everyone’s flowers and shrubs. I think it’s all great to see but I wish the F&W people would get with it and stop the pattern of denial that they always practice.

  17. Laurie says:

    I saw a mountain lion, just last week on route 2 in Templeton

  18. Anlee says:

    Thanksgiving Day @noon, ramping off onto 146 Millville, MA directly in front of us was a huge black panther! Doubled back to get a picture…couldn’t believe what we saw! Verified by three of us in the car: big, black, long body, long tail, lean perhaps starved? Sauntering through the parking lot of 2nd-hand RV store. Reported to Millville police.

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